About Neocha

Like all good storytellers, we love the power of words; the way they reveal secret meanings and evolve, shaped by time, language, and experiences. So it is with our own name: Neocha, or 新茶. Originally derived from Chinese internet slang at the time of our founding (2006), Neocha refers to Niucha (牛X) or Niubi (牛逼), which, in a roundabout way, both mean “fucking awesome.”

The more “official” translation of Neocha is “new tea,” which is a homage to our signature neo-traditional aesthetic. “Neo” represents our fearlessness in exploring new technologies, new ideas, and new techniques, while “Cha” honors artistic tradition, culture, and our deep appreciation for the arts.

如同所有好的故事人一样,我们喜爱文字的力量,喜爱它在经历过时间、语言和经验的打磨后所透露出的潜藏蕴意,正如我们的名字:Neocha或“新茶”。在2006年Neocha初创时,我们从中国网络流行语“牛X”、 “牛逼”中得到灵感,两者都隐射了“真TM的棒”之意。



It is our tireless passion for blending new and old that helps us (and you) produce ambitious ideas and inspired storytelling that cuts through the noise.

Only the most forward-thinking brands share our passion for creating “fucking awesome” stories, but let’s be honest, that’s what it takes to stand out today.

Beyond a creative agency, we are also a media platform. To learn more about our media platform, visit our magazine.




Our expertise is creating multi-disciplinary content that stands out. We work across a wide-range of formats and environments, including:

●  photography
●  videography / animation
●  graphic design
●  installation
●  digital / print / out-of-home
●  retail / events experiences

In addition to work we do on behalf of brands, we also specialize in:

●  commercial artist collaborations
●  brokering art sales / licensing.

We’ve done almost everything and are up for almost anything as long as it stimulates us creatively, breaks new ground, and tells a good story.


●  摄影
●  视频 / 动画
●  平面设计
●  装置
●  数字营销 / 平面印刷 / 户外广告
●  零售店铺 / 活动策划


●  艺术家商业合作
●  艺术作品销售 / 授权代理


Our team brings you local and global creative industry “know-how” in advertising, marketing, media, digital, design, production, and strategy.

You can also expect an entertaining bunch of wild spirits and co-conspirators, whose quirky interests, warm humor, and good vibes make Neocha special. We believe that you need great characters to tell great stories, which is why our “about page” shows our faces. We want you to meet us. We’re nothing without the personality we bring to our work and our client partners.



Every great team holds a set of ideas, values, and convictions about the world that makes them unique, memorable, and exceptional.

These are our values:

●  We believe fervently in collaboration as a way to bring together fresh talents, resources, and perspectives to keep us inspired and to deliver world-class work.
●  We believe in the absolute highest standards of service and creative. We never ship anything that doesn’t first meet our own expectations for great work.
●  We believe in taking risks and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Rarely is anything worthwhile accomplished when you stay too comfortable.



●  我们坚信以合作的方式整合新兴艺术家、资源和观点会为我们带来源源不断的灵感并呈现世界级的作品。
●  我们坚持绝对的高标准服务和创意。我们不提供任何未经自身认可的作品。
●  我们热爱冒险也敢于跳出自己熟悉的圈子。太过安逸的环境很难让人产出杰出作品。

●  We believe ideas are the core of culture and creativity, that they are pillars of the business we’re in, and that they’ve always been at the heart of all great work.
●  We believe that good ideas alone mean nothing, if not coupled with excellence in execution.
●  We believe learning is the only constant, and especially learning from our mistakes. You can’t learn without taking risks, which is why we embrace, study, and learn from our mistakes.

●  我们坚信灵感是文化和创意的核心,它是我们事业的支柱,也是我们所有杰出作品的核心。
●  我们坚信好的想法如果不能配合完美的执行,将毫无意义。
●  我们坚信要不断地学习,特别是从我们的错误中学习。如果不去冒险,你无法从中学习,这也是为何我们愿意正视自己的错误,也从中吸取教训。

●  We believe in outstanding communication, because until you ship, communication is the deliverable.
●  We believe in selling value, not time. We calculate the impact of our ideas, not the time it takes to deliver them.
●  We believe in having fun. Full-stop. We simply don’t work on things that don’t excite you and us.
●  But, enough about us and what we believe, here’s what others believe about us.

We believe in you. If you believe in us, get in touch.

●  我们坚信沟通的意义,因为在完工前,沟通才是你的交付品。
●  我们出售的是价值,而非时间。我们对自己的创意影响力估值,而非产出时间。
●  我们坚信要及时享乐,就这么简单。我们不做无法燃起你和我们兴奋点的工作。
●  然而,说完我们自己和我们的信念,这里也有关于我们的其它信条


Contact us: hello@neocha.com

Address: Hongqiao Rd., Lane 772, Bldg. 2, 1F, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200030

Office phone: (+86) 021 3230 1591


上海市徐汇区虹桥路772弄2号楼1楼 200030

电话:(+86) 021 3230 1591

Careers: To learn more about employment opportunities at Neocha, see open positions here.

Or just send us an email with you resume and portfolio included, and a few words about why you want to join us: jobs@neocha.com

To stay updated on all things Neocha, connect with us at:

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Facebook / Twitter / Weibo / VSCO Grid / Instagram / Tumblr / Pinterest