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In-Store Art Program


We developed a series of art installations for Lululemon retail stores in Xi’an, Chongqing, Xiamen,Shanghai,etc. The installations integrate local culture with the spirit of the Lululemon brand: fun, dynamic, pioneering.



Spicy Happiness

It’s no secret that Chongqingers love spicy food and hotpot. With that in mind, this artwork centers on these two quintessential elements of the Chongqing lifestyle. Modeled after traditional Chongqing-style hotpot, the artwork’s circular composition is divided into nine frames.
In each standalone scene, a cast of humanoid hot peppers is shown going about their day. Whether it be exercising, bonding with friends over hotpot, enjoying street food, playing mahjong, or riding on subway lines that cut through high rises, these familiar Chongqing activities are brought to life through our playful illustrations.




City Treasure Map

The artwork for Xiamen features Lululemon’s mantra of “Sweat, Grow, Bond” designed in the likeness of a treasure map.
Housed inside the type design are illustrations depicting some of the city’s most distinctive characteristics, such as its beautiful coasts and the active, yet unrushed, lifestyle of the locals. The map leads consumers on a treasure hunt where they’ll discover iconic Xiamen cityscapes and Lululemon-themed easter eggs throughout.


作品结合品牌宣言中的”Sweat, Grow, Bond”三个关键词,精心设计了一副悠闲厦门的城市寻“宝”图。

西安 XI’AN

Yoga Pagoda

Centered on Xi’an as an ancient capital and dining destination, this three-panel installation uses Lululemon’s distinctive fabrics to show the city from a fresh perspective. Each design uses colors and materials from the brand’s apparel and yoga mats to evoke the historic charm of old Xi’an, featuring sites like the Wild Goose Pagoda and the Terracotta Army. Different yoga poses give the terracotta warrior a livelier, active look, perfectly combining the traditional and the modern.





Exploring the High-Tech City

Shenzhen is the heart of China’s electronics industry, and this artwork uses a series of “Screenhead” characters to encourage people to put down their devices, head outdoors, and work up a sweat. In a city panorama surrounded by green mountains, the scene shows the Screenhead characters in Lululemon apparel engaged in active lifestyle activities like yoga, biking, jogging, and skipping rope. Brand elements and everyday details from Shenzhen are integrated throughout the composition, showing the spirit of Lululemon and how fun getting out in the city can be.






Inspired by the tagline “Ignite Possibility,” we’ve designed an art installation that uses layered elements, staggered placement, and concave alphabet letters to imaginative effect. Within each alphabet character, viewers are given a glimpse into the whimsical universe of Lululemon, a world populated by sports lovers. The bottom and middle row depict familiar Shanghai landmarks and surrounding areas while the top row features the nearby ancient town of Qibao. Through this installation, we pay homage to the active lifestyle long celebrated by Lululemon.


创作概念:利用lululemon英文品牌宣言中的”Ignite Possibility”为设计圆心,通过不规则排列及表层镂空再叠加多层的艺术手法,让整个艺术作品更富有想象力,打造出一个lululemon的次元空间。从一层字体延伸至二层的lululemon运动小人再进入第三层的上海城市与七宝古镇,层层推进,将观者带入一个生动且极具趣味的世界,同时也体现出lululemon所强调的生活方式和运动精神。

Flagship Store Art Program


We created an interior art treatment for Starbucks’ flagship store in Shanghai. The store is located on Huahai Rd., and as such, we developed a creative theme that celebrated the rich history and culture of the renowned street: “The Huahai Life.” For the project, we curated and collaborated with seven local Shanghai-based artists to interpret the theme in their own unique ways across multiple-panel canvas installations throughout the store. See the artwork and the stories behind each installation below.


Sally Zou

Creative Inspiration: Sipping a cup of coffee, eyes crawling along the lines of a novel, a young girl suddenly finds herself traveling through the history of Huaihai Road, to the library of Jiaotong University’s Nautical School from a time past.



Creative Inspiration: Sunny afternoon street scene unfold to reveal bustling pedestrians, classical architecture, and lush greenery on Huaihai Road. The mood is smooth and comfortable like a summer jazz melody.


Nini Sum

Creative Inspiration: Sometimes when we walk down Huaihai Road, our footsteps become faster and faster. We’re always in such a hurry. But there’s much to learn from those who are just strolling and taking in the moment, never in a rush.


Wang Meng

Creative Inspiration: Huaihai Road is a blend of China and the rest of the world, with cosmopolitan storefronts and timeworn alleyways. A single wall separates the hustle and bustle of the street from the historical Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Shadow Chen

Creative Inspiration: Street signs create the rules of city life. They tell people to stop, to cross, to slow down, to intersect. Underneath these signs on Huaihai Road are the spaces in which people flow, where they change, create, and experience new feelings and connections.



Creative Inspiration: You can spot people of all different shapes and sizes on Huaihai Road. Men and women, young and old, people from all corners of the globe. This is where they come to meet. You might call it destiny, or maybe it’s just the charm of the area.


Xu Jing

Creative Inspiration: On a certain stretch of Huaihai Road lies an enchanted place called Xintiandi, where moment by moment strangers take a chance to become acquaintances, friends, or perhaps even lovers.