Closing Ceremony

September 7, 2015 2015年9月7日

Closing Ceremony is a photo bookstore in Shanghai. Established by founders Xiao Peng and Yi Wan, the store was named so inauspiciously because the duo were “prepared to go bankrupt and close at any time in the pursuit of this cause.”

若你问起Closing Ceremony的店主小鹏和一万取这种“关门大吉”感十足的名字难道不会触霉头吗?这两位一脸不屑地表示已经做好“随时倒闭”的准备了。所谓“真的嬉皮敢于直面惨淡的倒闭”的最高境界莫过于此。

Prior to opening Closing Ceremony, Xiao Peng and Yi Wan were recognized for their multi-issue photography publication, Same Paper.

早在去年年初,小鹏和一万这对创意组合就成立了Same Paper这个独立出版物品牌,并且已经成功出版了几本颇具特色的摄影集,逐渐累积了一些影响力。

By 2015, the duo was ready to take their work to the next level with the opening of a physical store. Xiao Peng recalls that many of his friends were been at a loss when it came to where to buy quality photo publications. Often times, they had no choice but to buy them online at high prices. As a photographer, Xiao Peng felt that it was his responsibility “to provide China’s culture-conscious youth with a place to browse and buy quality photo books.”

到了2015年,他们俩更是大张旗鼓地开设了实体书店。说起Closing Ceremony的开设原因,探究起来着实又有一点尴尬。作为一位摄影师,小鹏深刻体会过那种看到哪个朋友要出国就求带这本杂志、那本影集的苦,如果不幸被朋友拒绝,你就只能求助于万能的某宝网购买天价产品了,虽然享受到快捷的网络购物但同时也丧失了沐浴书香中翻看书籍的乐趣。门脸儿不大,却肩负着“让大陆文艺小青年们更便利地购买到国内外优秀摄影集”的重任,Closing Ceremony的想法无疑是很有市场的。

On opening day, the store’s 20 square meter space was packed with a constant stream of customers. Not only could they find a book that they fancied, visitors could also come to meet new and old friends.


Recommended books from Closing Ceremony

Reason for recommendation: Skin is the best photo paper

Illustrated People comes from French artist Thomas Mailaender. Using 23 negatives from the Archive of Modern Conflict, Mailaender used UV lights to burn a temporary image onto the skin of his models, photographing these burns before they disappeared. In 2015, the collection was awarded best photo book at Photo España, the International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts of Madrid.

Name: Illustrated People
Author: Thomas Mailaender
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 22 x 32 cm
Materials: Hardcover leather
Publisher: Archive of Modern Conflict (London) and RVB Books (Paris)
Publication date: 2014



《Illustrated People》是法国艺术家Thomas Mailaender一次行为表演的书本呈现。他从英国现代冲突资料库中选取23张底片,用强力UV灯将它们“烤”到模特的身上,从而在皮肤上得到暂时的图像。Thomas在“纹身”消退前进行拍摄,再结合其他旧照片,编辑成这本在最近炙手可热的红皮书。本书获得2015年西班牙摄影节最佳摄影书大奖。

书名:《Illustrated People》
作者:Thomas Mailaender
尺寸:22 x 32 cm
出版社:Archive of Modern Conflict(伦敦)和RVB Books(巴黎)

Reason for recommendation: Patriotic photography at its finest

Upon entering World War I in 1917, the United States assigned photographer Arthur Mole to create a patriotic photo series in order to boost morale. By organizing thousands upon thousands of troops in large-scale arrangements, Mole inadvertently created a universal method of photography that is still used today. In 2015, French publishing company RVB compiled the book Living Photographs to commemorate these iconic images.

Name: Living Photographs
Author: Arthur Mole
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 24 x 33 cm
Materials: Hardcover leather
Publisher: RVB Books (Paris)
Publication date: 2015


美国在1917年参与一战时,雇摄影师Arthur Mole拍摄一些宣传国家形象的照片,他通过组合成千上万名士兵的站位来摆图形。不过他肯定没想到自己发明的这种“活动的摄影”,最后会成为不少国家宣传强权的工具。由巴黎RVB出版的这本《Living Photographs》,收录并编辑了他在当时非常前卫的一些摄影作品。

书名:《Living Photographs》
作者:Arthur Mole
尺寸:24 x 33 cm
出版社:RVB Books (巴黎)

Reason for recommendation: A meeting of three old guys

Tables To Meet comes from three artists named Erik. Erik Kessels, Erik Steinbrecher and Erik Van Der Weijde had always planned a get together, but the three of them were spread out across Holland, Germany, and Brazil. In spite of their distance, they would each take photographs of places that they thought were suitable to meet, eventually creating a humorous and interesting collection of their imaginary get together.

Name: Tables To Meet
Author: Erik Kessels, Erik Steinbrecher, Erik Van Der Weijde
Pages: 320
Dimensions: 16 x 22 cm
Materials: Clothbound
Publisher: 4478zine (Amsterdam)
Publication date: 2014


《Tables To Meet》由三位叫 Erik的艺术家合作完成。Erik Kessels、Erik Steinbrecher和Erik Van Der Weijde一直以来都计划着要聚一聚,不过他们分别住在荷兰、德国和巴西,于是三位Erik随手拍下了自己所在城市那些看上去适合约见喝一杯的桌子,拍完后再互相交换照片,假装成坐在一起开会那样。

书名:《Tables To Meet》
作者:Erik Kessels, Erik Steinbrecher, Erik Van Der Weijde
尺寸:16 x 22 cm
出版社:4478zine (阿姆斯特丹)

Room 5, Bldg 6
50 Wulumuqi Road (near Changle Road)
Jingan District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China

Hours: 10am to 6pm daily

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Contributor: Taylor Shen
Photographer: Jia Li