Everyday Abstractions

Andhika Ramadhian is a 21-year-old Indonesian graphic designer and photographer who creates stunning minimalist images. Inspired by architectural design and the works of other minimalist photographers, Ramaddhian began capturing scenes from his daily life with his iPhone and DSLR camera. Most of his postprocessing involves Photoshop, which is used to masterfully render a layer of magical surrealism onto his mundane snapshots. Ramadhian, with his keen understanding of color and geometric harmony, uses his artistic talents to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. In his own words, “I create another world which is completely abstracted from the reality of my imagination.”

Andhika Ramadhian,一位21岁的来自印度尼西亚平面设计师和摄影师,他用镜头创作了惊人的极简主义图片。受到建筑设计和其他极简派摄影师的启发后,Andhika 就着手用他的 iPhone DSLR 相机捕捉日常生活中的场景。为了实现超现实的图像质量,Ramadhian的后期处理方法需要用 Photoshop 进行大量的编辑。凭借着对色彩和几何和谐的敏锐理解,Andhika 创造出神奇的瞬间,将平凡变成非凡。用他自己的话说,我创造了另一个完全脱离了我想象的现实的世界。

Instagram: @andhikaramadhian


Contributor: George Zhi Zhao

Instagram: @andhikaramadhian


供稿人: George Zhi Zhao