Neocha Magazine – Issue 01 Neocha 杂志创刊号

April 19, 2018 2018年4月19日

In our increasingly digitized world of device screens and Wi-Fi connections, it’s easy to forget the sense of permanence and focused attention you’re afforded when interacting with a piece of printed work. From feeling the paper stock texture to excitedly awaiting what’s revealed on the next turn of the page, print media offers a tactile experience that simply cannot be replaced by technology. And frankly, we’ve been craving this experience lately.


As such, we’re happy to announce the first printed issue of Neocha, a tangible extension of our mission to celebrate Asia’s burgeoning creative class. In this debut issue, we’re embracing both the digital and the analog with short format stories that provide readers an opportunity to explore supplementary video and photo content online via QR scanning. From a photo series examining the lives of farmers in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to a profile on Chengdu rap quartet Higher BrotherNeocha – Issue 01 is a roundup of some of our favorite cultural and creative stories from around the region.

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为了回馈在线读者,我们将赠送限量版的《Neocha》创刊号。欢迎点击填写 Neocha 创刊号问卷调查,即有机会免费获得!