Separating Motion 在电影诞生之前

May 15, 2019 2019年5月15日

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English photographer Eadweard Muybridge was a pioneer of photographing motion, and his work paved the way for the motion picture industry. He was hired in 1872 to find out whether or not all four of a horse’s legs simultaneously leave the ground while galloping. Five years later, after much experimentation and unrelated delays, he successfully photographed and proved that indeed a horse’s stride finds it momentarily suspended in the air. He dedicated over 15 years to creating and publicizing his photos of human and animal locomotion, displaying his images in a grid to show the sequence of the movements.

Learn more about Muybridge’s photography and discover insights you can apply to your own documentation of motion.

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英国摄影师 Eadweard Muybridge 是动态影像的先驱,他的作品为电影工业奠下了基石。他在 1872 年时被指派一项任务——确认马匹在奔驰时是否四只脚会同时离开地面。五年后,经过大量的实验,他终于成功拍摄到并证明马的步伐确实会暂时悬浮在空中。他为创作和推广自己记录人类和动物运动的照片,奉献了超过 15 年的时间。他的图像通常以网格的形式展示,显示出连续动作的顺序。

以下我们将带你了解更多关于 Eadweard 的摄影,你可以试着把这些技巧应用到自己的动态记录中。

Capturing Multiples


Modern cameras make capturing motion easy and convenient, but in the 19th century, Muybridge had to be innovative. He used up to 24 cameras to capture each scenario and designed his own set of electronic shutters and timers to fire quickly.

By photographing action in quick succession, you will capture subtle changes and end up with an interesting visual story. Shoot multiples to create a photo series or use it as a means to capture and curate the strongest image.



现代相机使得拍摄动态影像简单又方便,但在 19 世纪,Eadweard 必须发挥一点创意。那时他使用了多达 24 台相机去捕捉每一个运动的桥段,并设计了自己的电子快门和定时器,以便能快速地拍照。


Making the Mundane Interesting


Muybridge photographed common actions like a person sweeping or emptying a bucket of water.

As a photographer, it is your vision and creativity that can transform something commonplace into something inspired. Challenge yourself to find ways to make the everyday interesting.



Eadweard 经常拍摄一些稀松平常的动作,比如一个人在清扫、或倒空一桶水。作为一名摄影师,正是你的视野和创造力可以将一些平淡无奇的东西变成灵感来源。挑战自己,找到让平凡变得不凡的方法。

Playing with Time & Speed


The progression of motion in Muybridge’s photos range from minute changes to obvious actions with a start and finish. To experiment with different results, vary the speed of the motion and the length of time photographing the scene. For example, to achieve a more repetitive, subtle patchwork of images, have a subject that moves slowly, and photograph them many times in a short amount of time.


在 Eadweard 的作品中,既有捕捉一连串微小的变化进程、也有一贯到底的连续运动。为了尝试不同的结果,你可以改变运动的速度,以及拍摄的时间长度。例如,为了拼接出更加重复、细微的图像,让拍摄对象缓慢地移动,并在短时间内拍摄多次。

Photographing with Precision


Muybridge’s stills made insights beyond real-time observations possible, and his images were referenced by artists and scientists alike. He approached his work from a scientific perspective, using photography as a tool to collect data about human and animal locomotion.

While your approach may not be as technical, you can also use photography as a means to learn about your subject and inform others. Look for ways to document with the kind of accuracy that he did. For example, if you are documenting someone’s reactions, how can you capture emotions that are authentic rather than contrived?



Eadweard 的动态摄影让实时观察下不允许的洞察变得可能,他的图像也被艺术家和科学家们所引用。他始终从科学的角度来看待他的工作,视摄影为收集人类和动物运动数据的工具。

虽然你的方法可能缺少了那么一点技术性,但你也可以将摄影当作一种手段,来更了解你的主题并传授给他人。寻找像 Eadweard 一样能准确纪录现实的方法,以精益求精。例如,如果你正在记录某人的反应,你该怎么做才能捕捉到最真实而不是做作的情绪呢?

Examples from the VSCO Community


There are multiple ways to create a grid of photos to share on VSCO. You can shoot on film and share the contact sheet, print and arrange the images to reshoot, or use an app like Photoshop to join the images. You can also upload the series one image at a time so people can scroll through the motion in their feed.

在 VSCO 上探索


要在 VSCO 创建这样的网格摄影有很多种方法。你可以拍摄胶片并和大家分享印放出来的小样、打印出来再排列图像、或是使用 Photoshop 等软件编排。你还可以一次上传一张照片,以便人们在页面中可以滚动查看更多照片。

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