The New & Improved Neocha Shop Neocha 商店改版升级

November 27, 2018 2018年11月27日

The Neocha Shop presents a curated selection of art and design products from all over Asia. We’re excited to announce a fresh redesign that simplifies navigation and checkout, making it easier to browse our diverse selection of creative goodies.

Click here to check out the revamped shop, and keep your eyes peeled over the next few months as we add even more publications, prints, and other products we love.

If there are products you’d like to see in our shop, reach out let us know at

Neocha 商店 展示了来自亚洲各地的艺术和设计商品。我们很高兴地推出商店的全新改版设计,简化了网页的浏览方式和结账流程,让你能更容易探索 Neocha 精选的各种创意商品。

点击此处查看改头换面后的线上商店。并在接下来的几个月里持续关注,我们将添加更多有趣的出版物、 印刷品、和其他我们喜欢的商品内容。