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HK Brewcraft was established out of a mutual love for beer in 2013 by Chris Wong and a group of seven other home brewers. Chris, who has always had an affinity for wine, was intrigued to uncover the mysteries of craft brewing on a trip to San Francisco. The ease and great taste of home brewing would inspire him to pass this knowledge on to others; and soon after, HK Brewcraft was born, an intimate brewing space, workshop, and bottle shop that would stock over 150 different craft beers, nestled in the bustling city streets of central Hong Kong. Chris proudly and excitedly says, “Beer culture in Hong Kong is the fastest growing in Asia. This is because our clients in the city are very sophisticated in all matters beverage and having this group of consumers helps to push the market up.”

2013年,出於共同的愛好,Chris Wong和其他七位自釀啤酒家在香港成立了HK Brewcraft。 Chris一直對葡萄酒有所摯愛,一次的舊金山之旅,開啟了他對手工釀製的探索熱情。自釀啤酒絕佳的口感和過程中悠閒的氛圍讓Chris忍不住希望與眾人分享,HK Brewcraft也由此誕生。這家集小型釀造空間、啤酒作坊和瓶裝酒商店(匯集150多種不同的手工啤酒)於一體的店面位於香港中環繁華街區一隅。 Chris既驕傲又激動地表示:“香港的啤酒文化在亞洲地區發展最為迅速。我們的顧客對於所有飲品相關的品味都非常老道,正是這樣一群顧客推動整個市場的發展。”

There is a broad range of foot traffic coming in and out of HK Brewcraft. “The demographic is expansive. We see young, old, male, female, local, expat, lawyers, artists, teachers, musicians, house wives, security guards and bankers,” says Chris. There is a very large base of local female wine and food enthusiasts in Hong Kong. Contrary to the preconception that Chinese palates prefer lighter beers, these groups actually prefer strong beers over boring lagers. These groups also tend to be more adventurous when trying new things, lending itself well to the quickly developing craft brew scene.

HK Brewcraft的每天客流量很是龐大。 “這里人氣越來越旺。我們的顧客囊括男女老少,不分地域,律師、藝術家、教師、音樂家、家庭主婦、保安和銀行家等從事各行各業的人都可能出現在這裡,”Chris說。在香港,有不少會飲酒的女性以及食客。很多人都會習慣性地認為中國人比較喜歡口味偏淡的啤酒,但其實前面提到這兩個群體剛好相反,相比於無趣的瓶裝酒,他們更喜歡烈性啤酒。這些群體更樂於嘗試新鮮事物,於是他們選擇了手工啤酒也就算是情理之中了。

“There are two segments to the Hong Kong market: locals and expats. Expats usually have more experience with craft beer and have been waiting for this kind of thing to arrive in Hong Kong. Whereas the local guys have not been as exposed, but are so sophisticated that it is almost like turning on a light switch when you introduce them to craft beer. You don’t have to tell them how to taste a beer. You just need to show them the choices that are available,” says Chris. The workshops are aimed at getting more people to brew at home. A one gallon brew in a bag process is run at the workshops enabling the brewers to continue the fermenting at home with ease.

Chris說:“香港的市場分為兩個部分:本地市場和外籍市場。外籍人士通常對於手工啤酒更為熟悉,並一直在等待香港這一市場的引進。而當地人對此接觸不太多,但接受度卻相當高,當你把手工啤酒引進這裡,彷彿就像打開一盞燈,人們瞬間接受並適應了它。你不必告訴他們要如何去品嚐手工啤酒,你只需要向他們展示各種品種即可。”Chris的啤酒作坊旨在讓更多的人了解手工啤酒釀造。在HK Brewcraft的工作坊先對一加侖的釀造量進行袋中處理 ,這樣可以讓釀造者們輕鬆貸回家繼續等待發酵。

Even though craft beer is relatively new to Hong Kong, the fact that there are no import taxes on beer has allowed HK Brewcraft and other craft beer retailers to expand on their supply. Chris reckons that Hong Kong has the best selection of craft beer in Asia because of this. The long term goal for the team at HK Brewcraft is to educate and uplift the local Hong Kong market. Chris says the ideal scenario will be the day when people of this city see home brewing as being as simple and approachable as baking a cake at home.

雖然手工啤酒在香港還屬於新興事物,但香港對於啤酒沒有進口稅的有利條件能促進HK Brewcraft以及其他手工啤酒商的發展壯大。 Chris認為,這也無疑是香港擁有亞洲最佳手工釀造啤酒的原因。從長遠發展來看,HK Brewcraft的整個團隊希望打開並提升香港當地市場。 Chris表示,他最理想的場景是當有一天,這個城市的人們提起喝手工啤酒就像在家烘焙一樣方便和簡單。

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