We Are Neocha 你好呀,我是 Neocha!

July 31, 2019 2019年7月31日



Since the launch of Neocha Magazine, we’ve showcased countless stories from around Asia that celebrate culture and creativity. These are stories that entertain us, make us think, and most important of all, inspire us. As a quick overview of what we’re all about, we’ve put together a showreel that highlights the spirit of our magazine. 👆

As always, we’re committed to producing thoughtful, engaging stories. We believe those stories should be beautifully told and accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we publish every article in English and Chinese and pair it with stunning visuals.

We also believe in the power of collaboration and are always interested in chatting with like-minded individuals (and even not like-minded). Don’t just read our stories, get in touch with us!

Think your art should be featured on our site? Write us at submit@neocha.com

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从 Neocha 线上杂志创立以来,我们展现了亚洲地区无数关于文化和创意的内容。这些故事带给我们娱乐、思考,更重要的还有激发灵感。为了让大家快速了解我们,我们组合拼接了一个视频,以重点呈现 Neocha 线上杂志的主旨所在👆。



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