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The rich and colorful history of Pantone dates back to 1963 when the young Lawrence Herbert created the Pantone Matching System(PMS) after buying out a small commercial printing company in New Jersey, USA. By assigning a number to each color, anyone could achieve accurate and consistently repeatable color results, and this system catapulted Pantone into becoming the standard language for color communication for color-critical industries. While its roots are in the graphic arts community, Pantone expanded its system concept across a variety of industries and proved that ‘color’ can indeed become a brand. Turn the page and enter a world of kaleidoscopic colors in the 46th issue of B magazine.

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Product Details:

  • Year of Publication: 2016
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 128
  • Dimensions: 17 cm x 24 cm

《B》第46期 “Pantone”




Pantone 色彩斑斓的历史可以追溯到 1963 年,当时年轻的 Lawrence Herbert 买下了美国新泽西州的一家小型商业印刷公司,创建了 Pantone 色彩匹配系统(PMS)。通过给每种颜色分配一个色号,任何人都可以获得精确且重复一致的颜色,并且,这个系统使 Pantone 成为了色彩行业的交流标准语言。尽管 Pantone 的根植于平面艺术行业,但它将其系统概念扩展到了各行各业,并证明了“颜色”确实可以成为一个品牌。



  • 出版年份:2016
  • 语言:英文
  • 页数:128
  • 尺寸: 17 x 24 厘米

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