NANG #4 – In & Out



Issue 4 of NANG is dedicated to In & Out. Featuring artists and filmmakers who voluntarily or involuntarily moved outside of their country of origin, this Issue focuses on hyphenated identities and films that exist in the in-between. Inspired by Hamid Naficy’s “accented cinema,” the texts offer a glimpse into what an intercultural genre and films in-transit might look like and whether the de-territorialization of the filmmaker produces certain traits and characteristics that these films share. Ranging from image-led dialogues to in-depth essays, this Issue hopes to serve as a counter to the narrative of hostile simplification that has embroiled the topic of migration in recent years by celebrating the diversity of voices and experiences that the hyphen brings.

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  • Year of Publication: 2018
  • Language: English
  • Edition Size: 1500
  • Number of Pages: 122 (including front and back cover)
  • Size: 17 x 24 cm
  • Binding: Swiss binding
  • Printing: Offset (Hybrid Print Technology)
  • Paper: Munken Kristall 400 g/m², Munken Lynx 120 g/m², Munken Kristall 90 g/m²

“In & Out”《NANG》Issue 4




《NANG》第四期主题为“围城内外”(In & Out)。 本期杂志以自愿或非自愿搬出原籍国的艺术家和电影制作人为对象, 重点讨论了作为中间环节存在的电影和身份。受到 Hamid Naficy 的“口音电影”理论的启发,这些文本提供了一个机会, 让我们了解不同文化间的跨文化题材和电影可能是什么样子, 以及电影制作者的非地域性, 是否产生了这些电影所共有的某些特征。从以图像为导向的对谈, 再到深刻的论文,本期杂志希望通过提供一个平台, 以展现多元化的声音和经验,与近年来卷入移民话题的简化叙述形成 鲜明对比。




  • 出版年份: 2018年
  • 语言:英文
  • 发行量:1500
  • 页数:122 页 (包括封面和封底)
  • 尺寸:17 x 24 厘米
  • 装订:Swiss binding
  • 印刷:平版印刷(混合打印技术)
  • 纸张: Munken Kristall 400 g/m², Munken Lynx 120 g/m², Munken Kristall 90 g/m²

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