Shanghai Addiction



“This piece captures the magnetic spirit of Shanghai and its ability to draw you to its many attractions. The main form of the piece is a medicine pill that obtains many of the things that Shanghai can attract and even get you addicted to- food, work, music, shopping…”

Liu Qing (a.k.a. LEFT) is a well-known Shanghai designer who has garnered multiple industry awards for her collage, hand-drawn, and graphic styles. Left is one of the leading creatives pushing neo-traditional style, a mashup of traditional Chinese elements and modern aesthetics. A graduate of Southern Yangtze University’s Design School, Left’s work has been featured in over 20 exhibitions in China, England, Switzerland, and Japan.



  • Size: 42 cm x 59 cm
  • Limited edition of 100, exclusive to the Neocha Shop
  • Stamped with the artist’s personalized seal
  • Printed on Epson Matte Fine Art Paper

LEFT 的《Shanghai Addiction》




“这幅作品抓住了上海的‘磁性美’和它样样都能引人入胜的魅力。 这件作品的轮廓是一颗大药丸, 而它里面涵盖了上海那些吸引人甚至让人上瘾的东西——食物、 工作、音乐、购物……”

Liu Qing(又名:LEFT)是上海著名设计师,她的拼贴、 手绘和平面风格获得了多个行业奖项。LEFT 是推动欧美新传统风格的主要创作者之一, 即中国传统元素与现代美学的混合体。毕业于江南大学设计学院的 LEFT,其作品曾在中国、英国、瑞士和日本各地举办了 20 多场展览。



  • 尺寸: 42 cm x 59 cm
  • 限量版数100,由 Neocha 商店独家贩售。
  • 艺术家本人封印
  • 印制纸张为爱普生磨砂精细艺术纸

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