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Shimmer No. 1《微光》之一
Shimmer No. 2《微光》之二

Shimmer No. 1 and Shimmer No. 2 are limited-edition sculptures by Chinese artist Du Meng that personify the innocence, joy, and sense of wonder of our inner child as adorable glass figurines.

Visit our magazine to learn more about Du Meng’s glass art.


Product Details:

  • Year: 2018
  • Limited edition of 299
  • Size: 9 x 9 x 21 cm


Photographer: Gao Yu









  • 创作年份:2018
  • 限量版数: 299
  • 尺寸:9 x 9 x 21 厘米


摄影师: 高宇

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Puff Ville – Shanghai Bakery


Illustrator Ton Mak’s lovable Flabjacks characters, now in pastry form!

Learn more about the Flabjacks on Neocha Magazine.



  • Limited-edition black-and-white risograph print
  • Edition size: 15
  • Print size: 30.3 cm x 30.3 cm
  • Paper: 300gsm Olin Art Paper

《Puff Ville》




插画家 Ton Mak 笔下的可爱 Flabjacks 小胖团,现在出点心款了!

访问我们的杂志网页,以了解更多关于 Flabjacks 的报道。



  • 限量黑白孔版印刷版画
  • 版数: 15
  • 尺寸: 30.3 cm x 30.3 cm
  • 用纸: 300克欧林艺术纸

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Shanghai Literary Review Issue 4


The Shanghai Literary Review is back with the best fiction, poetry, art, essays, book reviews, and translations from around the globe. Issue 4 features interviews with Chang-rae Lee and Vi Khi Nao, and work by Lux Chen, Anthony Tao, Sonia Leung, Judith Dancoff, Emily Williams, and more.

Learn more about the Shanghai Literary Review here.



  • Year of Publication: 2018
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 147
  • Size: 17cm x 24cm





《上海文艺评论》带着全球最好的小说、诗歌、艺术、散文、书评和翻译作品回来了。第四期杂志收录了 Chang-rae Lee 和 Vi Khi Nao 的采访,以及 Lux Chen、Anthony Tao、Sonia Leung、Judith Dancoff、Emily Williams 等人的作品。




  • 出版年份:2018
  • 语言: 英文
  • 页数:147
  • 尺寸: 17 x 24 厘米

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Sour Strawberries


Sour Strawberries is a limited-edition photo book featuring images by photographer Lin Zhipeng (a.k.a No. 223) and words by novelist Michel Costagutto. The book’s text has been scrambled into colored blocks while the photos have been censored with a pixelated filter. Costagutto’s encoded text can also be decrypted with a code sheet that comes with the book. But to see the images in their full, uncensored glory, readers have to slice open the book’s uncut pages.

Visit our magazine to learn more about No. 223.


Product Details:

  • Year of Publication: 2018
  • Language: English & French
  • Edition Size: 600
  • Number of Pages: 132
  • Dimensions: 21cm x 26.5cm
  • Autographed C-Print
  • Uncut Pages

《Sour Strawberries》




《Sour Strawberries》是一本限量印制的摄影书, 由摄影师林志鹏 (Lin Zhipeng, a.k.a No. 223) 的作品和小说家 Michel Costagutto 的文字组合而成。此书的文字都被编码成彩色方块, 而照片则经过像素化处理,像是为过审查加了马赛克。Costagutto 的编码文本也可以使用本书附带的代码表进行解密。但是为了看到完整的、未经审查的内容,读者必须切开书中未切割的页面。

访问我们的杂志网页,以了解更多关于 223 的报道。



  • 出版年份: 2018
  • 语言: 英文与法文
  • 发行量: 600
  • 页数: 132 页
  • 尺寸: 21 x 26.5 厘米
  • 摄影师签名的 C-Print
  • 未裁切页面

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Let Her Petals Go

Shadow Chen is an illustrator and graphic designer from Ningbo. She shares an equal passion for almost every form of visual art including traditional painting, digital art, and mixed media. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings, people, and music. Shadow’s style is distinctive, full of colors, often in liquid, psychedelic forms and sprinkled with Chinese traditional twists.

To learn more about Shadow Chen, visit our online magazine.


Product Details:

  • Size: 38 cm x 59.5 cm (15″ x 23.5″)
  • Limited edition of 100, exclusive to Neocha Shop
  • Certificate of Authenticity with artists’ personalized seal
  • Printed on Epson Matte Fine Art Paper

Shadow Chen的《Let Her Petals Go》




Shadow Chen 是来自宁波的插画师、平面设计师,同时她对几乎所有视觉艺术形式都有着相等的热情,例如传统绘画、数码艺术和综合材料。Shadow 的灵感来自她周遭事物、人和音乐。她的灵感来自她周遭事物、人和音乐。她的风格是如此独特,富含色彩,多以液体、迷幻形式呈现,又捎带着那么一点中国传统的转折。

了解更多关于 Shadow Chen 的信息,请访问我们的杂志网页



  • 尺寸: 38 cm x 59.5 cm (15″ x 23.5”)
  • 限量版数 100,由 Neocha 商店独家贩售。
  • 带防伪证书以及艺术家本人封印
  • 印制纸张为爱普生磨砂精细艺术纸

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Salt #6 – Handwoven Textiles


“The idea behind Salt is to add flavor to people’s lives. It can’t be too little or too much. Sometimes my friends ask, why do you persist when it’s so tough to put out this magazine? I can’t really explain why. People say if you really want to do something, you have to just make it happen. I guess that just about sums it up.”

– Songbing, designer / Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Salt

Visit our magazine for the full story.


Product Details:

  • Year of Publication: 2017
  • Language: English & Chinese
  • Number of Pages: 196
  • Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 25 cm

《盐巴》第六期 “手工织物”





—— 松饼,设计师 /《盐巴》创刊人之一、主编




  • 出版年份:2017
  • 语言: 英文与中文
  • 页数:196
  • 尺寸: 18.5 x 25 厘米

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