We collaborated with NBA China to create a fun animation featuring basketball legend Tim Hardaway.

The animation looks back on Hardaway’s rookie days on the Golden State Warriors, the camaraderie he built with teammates Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin, and how all of it culminated into RUN “TMC,” one of the greatest NBA trios of all time.

The animation is part of an ongoing storytelling series we are creating for NBA to raise awareness among China basketball fans about the league’s history and culture.

我们与NBA中国合作,为其制作了一条动画短片以讲述勇士队传奇球员Tim Hardaway的故事。

在这条动画短片中,Hardaway回顾了其在金州勇士队的新秀时期与队友 Mitch Richmond及 Chris Mullin 的友情建立,以及他们三人如何组成了有史以来最伟大的NBA传奇三人组 – RUN “TMC”。