Neocha’s creative agency is managed by a tight-knit team that is passionate about achieving ambitious ideas and inspired storytelling for our clients. We welcome any candidates who share this vision and are looking to grow their career in an exciting, entrepreneurial environment!

If you’re interested in any of the positions listed below, send us an email with the position title(s) as the subject of the email:, and include your CV / resume / portfolio, and anything else that helps us better understand you and the value you can bring to our team.

Open positions at Neocha’s creative agency:

Office Manager – This role requires working closely with the founders / partners of the company in day-to-day management of our Shanghai office. The role is to ensure our space is functioning as best as possible (comfortable and efficient) for staff and clients; and to ensure company handbook guidelines are followed and enforced. Applicants should have exceptional organization and communication skills, proactive problem-solving smarts, and the ability to work in an extremely fast-paced environment across a variety of administrative and operational areas.

Business Development / Sales – Applicants need to be able to quickly learn our business and proactively identify / pursue / land new clients and commercial opportunities for the company across both our creative agency and media platform.

PR / Marketing / Promotions – Applicants need to be able to aggressively market the Neocha brand and business units (creative agency and media platform) to appropriate domestic and international audiences. Objectives of this role are to drive awareness of Neocha within the creative industry and building audience / readership across Neocha media platform (magazine site, social media, newsletter, etc.)

Producers / Project Managers – Applicants need to be able to manage both client-side and internal creative-side (as well as 3rd party collaborators) communications to plan and smoothly execute client programs and other projects.

Project Assistants – This role supports Producers / Project Managers. It requires exceptional organization skills, proactive problem-solving, willingness to learn / try new things, and the ability to work in an extremely fast-paced environment across a variety of client projects and other company initiatives.

Art / Creative Directors – Applicants need to be able to generate and communicate creative concepts / big ideas in response to client briefs. Applicants need experience in directing creative resources and creating content to actualize projects for clients.

Copywriters – Applicants need to be native Chinese speakers with experience writing highly creative, original, and effective marketing copy that meets project specifications / creative briefs.

Art / Design Team – Applicants need to be highly creative and relentlessly curious about beautiful things. Must have expertise in a variety of visual art fields including: illustration, graphic design, interior design, animation, photography, or craft (sculpture, pottery, screen printing, collage, origami, etc. –– anything that requires working directly with your hands to create). Must be visual communicators with ability in the following software programs (the more the better): Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, 3D Max, HTML, Keynote / Powerpoint.

Video Team – Applicants need to be filmmakers able tell stories in fun and compelling ways. This position requires facility with creative concept and treatment development, production, shooting / lighting, directing, and editing / post production processes.

Photography Team – Applicants need to be able to participate in a variety of roles throughout the image-making process. Everything from concept and treatment development and pre-production, to equipment management / organization, lighting, digi-tech, assisting, shooting, and post production (data / file management, retouching, FA preparation), printing, etc.

Internships – We are also accepting intern applications for all of the above-listed positions.

If a gig at our creative agency is not what you’re looking for, maybe opportunities via our magazine are – click here learn more.


如果你对以下任一职位感兴趣,请以应聘职位作为邮件标题发送至,邮件中请附上你的简历 / 作品集,以及其它任何能让我们更好地了解你或你自身价值的资料。


行政主管 – 该职位需紧密配合公司创始人 / 执行董事处理工作室日常管理工作。其主要职责是确保我们的空间能够提供给员工及客户一个高效舒适的环境;同时亦要确保公司员工手册中的条款得到遵循及实施。申请者需要具备优秀的组织沟通能力,有主动解决问题的态度,并能适应在一个快节奏的环境下工作且快速处理各种行政管理问题。​

业务拓展 / 销售 – ​申请者​需具备快速熟悉​业务​的能力​​​,并​可​主动为​我们创意机构和线上媒体平台​开发新客户​及挖掘潜在商机与合作。

公关 / ​市场​ / 推广 – ​申请者需具备将​Neocha品牌及我们的业务分支(创意机构和线上媒体平台)在国内外市场​做积极​推广​的营销能力和主动性。该职位旨在将Neocha在创意领域建立越加广泛的识别度,包括将Neocha公共平台(线上杂志、社交媒体、电邮简报等)传播给更多的读者受众。

制片 / 项目经理 – 申请者需具备协调客户和内部创意部门(也包括第三方供应商)的管理、沟通能力,并能有效合理地执行每一个项目。

项目助理 – 该职位的主要工作内容是协助制片/项目经理,申请者需具备优秀的组织沟通能力,能有主动解决问题和主动学习并乐于尝试新事物的态度,也可以适应在一个快节奏的环境下工作并能快速有效的跟进客户项目及相关工作。​

艺术 / 创意总监 – ​申请者需具备根据客户需求进行创意构思及呈现创意概念的能力,同时也需拥有将创意内容具体指导落实到项目执行中的相关经验。

文案 – 该职位要求申请者的母语为中文,同时具备较强的文字创作能力,并拥有针对不同项目的个性化要求完成创意十足又具备市场着眼点的文案撰写经验。

美术 / 设计组 – 申请者需有较强的创意能力和对美好事物的无尽好奇,同时需具备视觉艺术领域的相关专业技能,包括但不限于:插画、平面设计、室内设计、动画、平面摄影或工艺制作(雕塑、陶器、丝网印刷、拼贴、折纸艺术等任何需要亲手制作的工艺)。我们对于视觉传达设计师的软件技能要求为熟悉并擅长使用:Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, 3D Max, HTML, Keynote / Powerpoint (越多越好)。

视频短片组 – 作为视频短片的拍摄制作人,申请者需具备用以有趣且引人入胜的方式拍摄故事的能力。该职位也同时要求你拥有创意概念撰写、执行、制作、拍摄 / 布光以及剪辑 / 后期等出色能力。

平面摄影组 – 申请者需熟悉并能够参与图像制作的各个环节中:从平面创意概念、效果提案、前期准备到设备管理、布光、熟悉数码设备、协助、拍摄以及后期工作(存档 / 文件管理、修图、准备完稿)、打样等。

实习生 – 如果对于上述任一职位的感兴趣的话,你也可以应聘成为我们的实习生。

如果在我们的​创意机构没有找到合适职位,也可以尝试查看我们的​线上杂志寻找更多机会 – 点击这里了解更多。