adidas Athletics / Z.N.E Hoodie


We supported the global launch of “adidas Athletics,” a new category of apparel from adidas that focuses on the unique point of view of the athlete and celebrates the untold stories of players on game day.

The hero product of the adidas Athletics’ launch is the Z.N.E Hoodie, a super luxe outerwear piece designed with an athlete’s off-field comfort in mind. The Z.N.E. Hoodie delivers complete mental focus for players as it’s engineered to remove noise and visual distractions, and maximize focus in the vital moments leading up to kick off. The specialized garment allows athletes to fully tune in to their pre-game strategies and center themselves for the challenges ahead.

To help tell the Z.N.E Hoodie product story, we collaborated with actor and fitness enthusiast Eddie Peng; actress and runner Janine Chang; and NBA star Jeremy Lin to create a series of video spots and visuals that highlight key product features while giving viewers a rare glimpse into the trio’s personal rituals and mental preparations before big events and competitions.




Eddie Peng  /  彭于晏




Jeremy Lin  /  林书豪



Janine Zhang  /  张钧甯