Retail Art Program


Via a retail art program, we created an inspiring consumer experience for Levi’s in its newly opened Beijing flagship store at the Solana shopping mall.

We collaborated with Hangzhou-based street artist Kiddy to develop a three-story-tall staircase mural in his signature vector style.

Architectural feats of the Chinese capital—such as the upturned eaves of the Forbidden City and the stacked discs of the Temple of Heaven—are tucked within the bold arrangement of shapes and colors, a way of paying homage to local culture. The iconic silhouette of the Levi’s Batwing logo also appears within the composition, affirming the brand’s intimate ties with Beijing.

The centerpiece of the artwork is a lion, which captures the sense of fearlessness and persistence that the ferocious beast is known for. These values intrinsic to the the Levi’s® brand ethos of authentic self-expression are also qualities that define this generation of Chinese youth.