Retail Art Program




Via a retail art program, we created an inspiring consumer experience for Levi’s in its newly opened Shanghai flagship store on Nanjing Road.

We collaborated with Jiaxing-based street artist Sheep Chen to develop a series of murals with his signature vivid colors and powerful brushstrokes. The four-piece mural is executed atop swaths of denim-blue walls and designed to evoke the sense of freedom and fearlessness intrinsic to Levi’s® brand ethos of authentic self-expression.

The artwork is loosely inspired by the mythical Kingdom of Atlantis, a technologically and spiritually advanced civilization ruled by a beloved, benevolent queen. The murals depict the monarch in mermaid form, and other symbolic elements— such as a heart, sun, and star — emphasize the brand’s commitment towards encouraging the younger generation to wear their heart on their sleeve and remain fearless when expressing their personal convictions.

In addition to the murals, select artworks from the project are also now available as limited-edition t-shirts.


我们与以鲜亮配色和有力笔触为作品特点的嘉兴街头艺术家Sheep Chen合作,在Levi’s店铺内创作了一系列壁画。该作品由四部分组成,以大⾯积的丹宁蓝作为基底,绘以延续灵动的姿态带给观者一种无所畏惧和自由表达的Levi’s品牌精神。



Process Photos

Limited Edition T-Shirt