Pug Dumpling



“Pugs originated from China, and went on to become one of the country’s most popular exports,” says Shanghai-based designer Sally Zou. “Cute and wrinkly, they just so happen to resemble another popular Chinese item: the Xiaolongbao, a Shanghainese steamed bun delicacy. An unlikely pair, these two exports have both risen to international status.”


  • Size: 42 cm x 50.5 cm
  • Limited edition of 100, exclusive to the Neocha Shop
  • Stamped with the artist’s personalized seal
  • Printed on Epson Matte Fine Art Paper

Sally Zou 的《Pug Dumpling》




“八哥犬起源于中国,后来成为该国最受欢迎的出口犬种之一。 它的脸小巧玲珑又遍布褶皱, 正像是另一个饱受欢迎的中国食物界代表:小笼包, 上海传统的蒸点美食。这俩‘外销品’意想不到的搭配, 上升到了国际性的地位。”


  • 尺寸: 42 cm x 50.5 cm
  • 限量版数100,由 Neocha 商店独家贩售。
  • 艺术家本人封印
  • 印制纸张为爱普生磨砂精细艺术纸

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