Saturn Tote Bag



Featuring the illustration “Saturn” by Anindya Anugrah, this navy blue tote adds a quirky touch to any outfit. And since it’s reversible, there’s nothing it doesn’t go with. We’re sure you’ll agree, a tote bag like this the next best thing to a pepperoni pizza shield.

Read more about Anugrah’s medieval-modern mashups in our magazine.



  • Color: Navy blue
  • Material: Bi-shrinkage yarn (polyester)
  • Dimensions: 43 x 38 cm (17 x 15 in)
  • Reversible

Saturn Tote Bag




以 Anindya Anugrah 的插画作品《Saturn》作为印花图案, 这一款海军蓝色的手提包双面皆可使用,相当百搭。 如果你想跳脱日常的平庸穿着, 这款包绝对能让你的搭配立刻有趣起来。

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  • 颜色: 海军蓝色
  • 材料: 涤纶
  • 尺寸: 43 x 38 厘米 (17 x 15 英寸)
  • 两面都可用

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