FREE MOVE Collection


To celebrate the 2022 Asian Games, tech accessories brand CASETiFY collaborated with Neocha to create a mobile phone and earphone case collection themed around summertime sports. Neocha tapped Chinese artist GAI GAI to help create the series, titled Free Move. Free Move weaves together pop colors, playful patterns, and hand-drawn aesthetics to summon a cast of sporty cartoon characters engaged in athletics. Inspired by China’s generational shift toward sport and movement, the collection presents a uniquely contemporary interpretation of what an athletic lifestyle in China looks like…and they are just a ton of fun.

Free Move highlights a wide range of sports, such as roller skating, basketball, tennis, surfing, soccer, boxing, diving, skateboard, rock climbing, while giving form to the summertime joy of an active lifestyle.

This collaboration represents CASETiFY’s first-ever artist collection for China — the series is now available for iPhone / Samsung S Series / Google Pixel Phone / AirPods in the CASETiFY online store and in offline retail locations worldwide (while supplies last).

为迎接2022年亚运会, 全球生活方式潮流品牌Casetify携手Neocha与中国新生代独立插画师Gai Gai 钙钙为其手机壳及耳机壳等数码配饰特别创作了运动主题联名系列—— 悦动 Free Move。该系列用清新明快又不失可爱的手绘画风勾勒出一系列广受欢迎的运动。年轻、充满活力的卡通人物形象贯穿每一款设计,每一个图案设计都透着自由随性的光芒,并展现当代中国年轻人对于运动的理解与生活方式。

“悦动 Free Move”艺术家联名系列汇集了冲浪、轮滑、篮球、网球、足球、拳击、潜水、棒球、击剑、滑板、攀岩等一系列运动项目,搭配色彩丰富的手绘元素,让每一个画面栩栩如生,充满运动激情!



Samsung S Series

Google Pixel Phone