Limited Edition Bottle Campaign

Absolut Vodka



For Absolut Vodka’s GLIMMER limited-edition bottle campaign, we created a series of key visuals and a short film featuring light-writing graffiti and long exposure photography techniques. We turned the GLIMMER bottles into illuminated “paint brushes” and took to the streets of Shanghai to tell the campaign’s “Make The Present Exceptional” story.

我们为绝对伏特加的绝对闪耀版限量系列创作了一系列的平面主视觉和延时光影涂鸦摄影的短片。我们将绝对闪耀版的瓶身变身为光影“画笔”走在上海街头传递着“绝对创意 就耀现在”的故事。

闪耀 – Shine

永恒 – Eternal

亮 – Bright

光 – Light

Make the Present Exceptional

Absolut Glimmer Limited Edition Bottle