Too Many Shoes



Too Many Shoes (TMS) is a designer brand specializing in women’s footwear. Its products are made for young fashionistas with versatile needs.

TMS tapped Neocha to create a digital spot in celebration of Valentine’s Day. The storytelling shows different pairs of TMS going out on dates. Using vibrant colors and bold set designs, the video portrays an unconventional love story filled with whimsy and character.

Split into three chapters, it begins with “Ring Ring,” showing a pair of flats calling another to arrange a date night. In the next chapter, “Bling Bling,” each individual pair of shoes are shown preparing for the upcoming date, and in the closing chapter, “Yum Yum,” they’re seen enjoying a romantic dinner together.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Too Many Shoes是隶属百丽旗下的设计师鞋履品牌, TMS专注为时髦的都市年轻女孩提供适应多元生活场景的鞋履单品。

为了迎合情人节的主题,TMS邀请Neocha为其打造一条创意视频,将Too Many Shoes鞋子与情人节浪漫赴约情景相融合,以拟人化的手法赋予鞋子更多的趣味,并以大胆浓烈的配色传递爱的信息。

视频创意灵感【赴约三部曲】来源于日常情侣约会准备,分为ring ring电话邀约、bling bling梳妆准备赴约和yum yum浪漫晚餐。