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Life Elsewhere



Life Elsewhere is a brand new collaborative album from The Shanghai Restoration Project featuring electronic music producer Dave Liang, jazz vocalist Zhang Le, and multimedia artist Sun Yunfan. The album takes listeners on a 12-track voyage through a meticulously crafted, genre-defying soundscape that celebrates embracing life’s uncertainties.

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Full Product Details:

  • Imported physical copy of Life Elsewhere album
  • Single-sheet accordion booklet in dual languages

Dave Liang,张乐和孙云帆发起的全新的专辑《她乡》




《她乡》是上海复兴方案推出的一张合作专辑,由电子音乐制作人Dave Liang、爵士歌手张乐和多媒体艺术家孙云帆共同参演制作。在这张LP中,三位深具才华的艺术家,带着12首精心制作的反流派曲目,赞颂在生活中对未知和不确定的拥抱,引领听众进入一个全新的音域体验。




  • 包含《她乡》专辑实体
  • 双语风琴摺小册

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