Jiaxi & Zhe

August 29, 2016 2016年8月29日

Jiaxi & Zhe are a still life and architecture photography duo based in New York City. The pair share a profound obsession with the physical form of objects, and the transformative effect that photography has on their personal perception of things. They both believe that photography is the best medium to express their ideas, recognizing it as an unrivaled platform from which to convey their conceptual world to an audience.

位于纽约市的摄影二人组 Jiaxi & Zhe 以拍摄静物和建筑为主,他们都着迷于对象的物理形态,喜欢通过自己的观察和理解,用摄影镜头呈现出事物的不同之面。二人认为摄影是表达他们想法的最佳媒介,是向他人传递他们概念世界的绝佳平台。

Jiaxi Yang was born in Shanghai, and later moved to New York to study at the International Center of Photography; while Zhe Zhu comes from Shenzhen, and graduated from New York’s School of Visual Arts. The pair have both enjoyed successful solo photography careers, but later decided to join forces artistically after working together on a project. Charmed to discover that they have very similar tastes, they view themselves as stylistic soul mates. They describe their creative partnership as being consistently constructive. “We have learned a lot from working together and we continue to learn more,” they say. “But most importantly, we have learnt to respect each other’s ideas and always be open.”

Jiaxi Yang 生于上海,后前往纽约国际摄影中心深造;Zhe Zhu来自深圳,毕业于纽约视觉艺术学院。二人先前各自在个人的摄影事业中如鱼得水,而后通过一个项目的合作,决定在创作上携手并进。共同的审美追求,让二人视彼此为风格语境下的灵魂伴侣。他们表示二人的这段创意伙伴关系向来充满着建设性。“我们在一起工作时都会相互学习,收获良多,并会继续下去,”他们表示,“但是最重要的是,我们学会了尊重各自的想法,也懂得了培养一种更为开放的艺术态度。”

As a duo, they are gradually defining and evolving their style. They have always been interested in design and craft, the rawness of material, and the physical forms of objects, which naturally led them to start photographing still life and architecture with a very distinct design aesthetic. They also admit, “We are both a little shy, so we love being able to spend time with objects to find the best light and angle.” Coming from backgrounds in fine art, they naturally want to maintain a conceptual, minimal approach to their editorial and commercial work. Their sleek, striking images are a stunning reflection of their combined vision.


Usually using the same Phase One camera and lens, their creative process is very organic and they regularly improvise on set. Although they do a lot of prep work prior to a shoot they are wary of sets that are too tailor-made or stiff, so try to let things take shape in a natural fashion. They have partially split their roles: Jiaxi is particularly good at art direction, while Zhe is better with the more technical side of things, yet both agree never to rely on post-production to make an image visually compelling or bold.


Although their work is often conceptual, dealing with block colors, shapes and the interplay of light, they argue that lighting is no longer the most important factor in photography. They take a lot of inspiration from their surroundings in New York City – a place that is full of creative people pushing them to involve themselves in order to be competitive and relevant. They are engaged in a number of interesting projects, such as a recent commission from Fortune Magazine and they also shot a story for Wallpaper last month while visiting L.A. Although they agree that lighting is instrumental in photography for setting the mood, their perception of modern still life photography is much less technical and formal, and much more visually interesting and conceptual. For Jiaxi & Zhe, concept and style is becoming more important today than ever before.


Instagram: @jiaxiandzhe
Tumblr: jiaxiandzhe.tumblr.com


Contributor: Ruby Weatherall

Instagram: @jiaxiandzhe
Tumblr: jiaxiandzhe.tumblr.com


供稿人: Ruby Weatherall