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Established in 2006 by a group of Shanghai-based musicians, visual artists, programmers, and entrepreneurs, Neocha has grown to become an award-winning company dedicated to celebrating culture and creativity in Asia.

Neocha 由一群居住在上海的音乐人,艺术家,编程师和创业者联合创办于2006年,如今已经成长为一个致力于共享亚洲文化和创意的获奖公司。

At the heart of any creative community are inspiring people and places whose stories deserve to be told. Our magazine tells these stories to a global audience on a multilingual platform that showcases Asia’s burgeoning creative class. Check out the latest stories and creative inspiration from across the region here.


In addition to our magazine, our creative agency is a passionate, full-service team focused on achieving ambitious ideas and inspired storytelling for the most forward-thinking brands in the world. Check out our client work here.


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