Store Art Program

adidas Originals

adidas Originals engaged us to execute an art program in some of the brand’s key China market stores. The aim of the program was to introduce local art culture into adidas Original’s retail spaces and reflect the brand’s core values.


For the project, we collaborated with a variety of local artists, including: Veiray, Wang Meng, Nini Sum, Wang Sijia, Huang Yulong, Ding Hao, Dun Xiaoxian, Xiaomi Keke, Coozie, and Shadow Chen to create brand-inspired installations and turned the stores into platforms for self expression, originality, authenticity, creativity, and individuality.

在这个项目中,我们与各店铺所在地的艺术家合作,这其中包括:Veiray、王萌、Nini Sum、王思佳、黄玉龙、丁浩、墩小贤、小米可可、Coozie以及Shadow Chen,他们以品牌精神为灵感所创作出来的装置作品通过店铺这个平台进行展示,以传达一种自我表达、原创、实质、创意以及个性的理念。


Various elements come together to create a unique blue and white 3D collage and a new take on the adidas Originals logo. The piece aims to inspire others to discover their own creative potential.


Nini Sum

What looks like a random collage is actually composed of countless pieces of screen-printed materials stripped apart and meticulously pieced together to create the overall pattern and the adidas trefoil logos. Each piece of material comes from a unique screen-printing art work of Nini Sum’s. The design expresses originality, creativity, and the spirit of perseverance.

看似随意的拼贴实际上是由无数丝网印刷素材组成,这些素材被分割后再精细地重新组合成为一幅具有整体感的图案以及阿迪达斯三叶草logo,每一块材质都来自一幅Nini Sum的丝网印刷作品。该设计传达着原创、创意以及一种毅力。

Wang Meng

Movement, fashion, and culture are three pillars of the adidas Originals brand and capture the ideas expressed in this piece. The inspiration for this design comes from Adolf Adi Dassler’s classic three stripes, which travel above the mountains and clouds to create a world full of color and vibration.

动感、时尚和文化是阿迪达斯三叶草品牌的三大支柱,而这些都被融入这个作品中。该作品让Adolf Adi Dassler的经典三条纹穿行与山海和云雾之中,展现出一个色彩缤纷的精彩世界。

Nini Sum

The inspiration for this piece came from the adidas Superstar shoe. The reflection of the mirror is used to create the symmetry of the adidas Originals trefoil logo and express a sense of liveliness and youth.

这个作品的灵感来自于adidas Superstar的鞋型。利用镜面的反射原理创作出对称的阿迪达斯三叶草的图标,表达了一种活力及年轻的感觉。


Different elements of street culture come together – criss-crossing and interweaving – to pay tribute to the adidas Originals trefoil logo and pass on the spirit of freedom.

将不同的街头文化元素层叠地穿插交错并聚集在一起 ,以表达对阿迪达斯三叶草logo的一种传承。

Shadow Chen

An imaginary island landscape where adidas Originals footwear and trefoil logo melt in and out of existence as colorful liquid forms, featuring patterns and textures unique to the brand’s footwear soles.



A colorful visual interpretation of windblown clouds that features the adidas Originals trefoil logo among other ‘set-of-3′ line forms and geometric shapes. The composition conveys a positive, uplifting energy.


Huang Yulong

Huang Yulong creates classic hip hop sculpture to pay homage to the adidas Originals brand and its spirit of creative expression.

黄玉龙创作的经典的嘻哈雕塑以致敬adidas Originals品牌及其原创精神。