Flagship Store Art Program


We created an interior art treatment for Starbucks’ flagship store in Shanghai. The store is located on Huahai Rd., and as such, we developed a creative theme that celebrated the rich history and culture of the renowned street: “The Huahai Life.” For the project, we curated and collaborated with seven local Shanghai-based artists to interpret the theme in their own unique ways across multiple-panel canvas installations throughout the store. See the artwork and the stories behind each installation below.


Sally Zou

Creative Inspiration: Sipping a cup of coffee, eyes crawling along the lines of a novel, a young girl suddenly finds herself traveling through the history of Huaihai Road, to the library of Jiaotong University’s Nautical School from a time past.



Creative Inspiration: Sunny afternoon street scene unfold to reveal bustling pedestrians, classical architecture, and lush greenery on Huaihai Road. The mood is smooth and comfortable like a summer jazz melody.


Nini Sum

Creative Inspiration: Sometimes when we walk down Huaihai Road, our footsteps become faster and faster. We’re always in such a hurry. But there’s much to learn from those who are just strolling and taking in the moment, never in a rush.


Wang Meng

Creative Inspiration: Huaihai Road is a blend of China and the rest of the world, with cosmopolitan storefronts and timeworn alleyways. A single wall separates the hustle and bustle of the street from the historical Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Shadow Chen

Creative Inspiration: Street signs create the rules of city life. They tell people to stop, to cross, to slow down, to intersect. Underneath these signs on Huaihai Road are the spaces in which people flow, where they change, create, and experience new feelings and connections.



Creative Inspiration: You can spot people of all different shapes and sizes on Huaihai Road. Men and women, young and old, people from all corners of the globe. This is where they come to meet. You might call it destiny, or maybe it’s just the charm of the area.


Xu Jing

Creative Inspiration: On a certain stretch of Huaihai Road lies an enchanted place called Xintiandi, where moment by moment strangers take a chance to become acquaintances, friends, or perhaps even lovers.