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Abercrombie & Fitch

As an extension of Abercrombie & Fitch’s S/S 2019 “Face Your Fierce” campaign, we collaborated again with Chinese pop star and motorcycle racer Wang Yibo to create the brand’s F/W 2019 “Fierce Is You” campaign.

Outside influences, others’ opinions, societal labels—none of these are reasons not to live life to the fullest. Being young means taking risks and chasing dreams, but too many young people today faced with a challenge or trying something new are paralyzed by fear. They second-guess themselves and don’t realize what they’re capable of.

Others, like Wang Yibo, know that the future belongs to the fierce and fearless. He’s at the top of his game in music and motorcycle racing, but he isn’t afraid of stepping into unfamiliar terrain, like skateboarding. He may be a novice, but he doesn’t let that stop him, and after every scrape and spill, Yibo just dusts himself off and tries again. He tunes out the naysayers telling him to stick to what he knows, because for him, the challenge is the allure. Failure is just a pitstop on the road to success. His story inspires young people to be to their fullest selves and tap into their fierceness as a way to overcome self-doubt, try new things, and ignore the critics.

For the F/W 2019 campaign, we “head home for the holidays” with Wang Yibo in a cozy, seasonal-inspired shoot at his home while he shares his thoughts on what “Fierce Is You” means and gives us a preview of his exclusive “A&F x Wang Yibo” capsule collection.

The campaign ran in nationwide online / offline media, retail outlets, e-commerce platforms, and select brand events.

我们延续了Abercrombie & Fitch 2019春夏季系列#Face Your Fierce 天生无束# 的主题进行了品牌秋冬季系列一系列的中国市场推广,同时通过平面硬广及视频短片的形式来深化该主题,使其适用于中国市场线下与线上市场的传播推广需求。



此次2019秋冬系列,我们与艺人王一博一同以“悠享假日”为主题拍摄了节日气氛的视觉平面与视频,充分展示了他对于品牌节日系列服饰及#FIERCE IS YOU 天生无束#主题的理解,并与品牌联名合作推出“A&F x Wang Yibo”系列。


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The Comfort Expert


China’s young pathfinders and future-makers know that personal achievement comes from having the confidence to get out of your comfort zone.

We created a launch campaign that positions SCHICK舒适 as, not just the comfort expert that it is, but also a partner to young men on their quests for success in modern China.

Campaign storytelling presents Schick舒适 as an indispensable, integral part of the morning routine for cast of characters representing a cross section of China’s GEN Z.

SCHICK’s incredibly comfortable, smooth, great-looking shave provides that extra boost of confidence at the start of the day to help guys get out the door and, more importantly, out of their comfort zones.





Campaign Spot (90 seconds)




For 30 years, we’ve been busy in our laboratory researching and developing leading-edge innovations in shaving COMFORT.

COMFORT is at the heart of everything we do. It’s our DNA, it’s even in our name!


As you look in the mirror and decide who you want to be today…or tomorrow…or maybe in 10 years, we’re there with you every step of the way doing what we do best: delivering the most comfortable, smoothest shave possible.

We put you deep in your comfort zone at the start of your day, giving you the confidence to get out of it for the rest…because life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

So go and do something uncomfortable today…

Find new paths. Ponder new ideas.

Explore, discover, and experiment. Go on an adventure!

Stay curious. Embrace a little bit of the unknown.

Challenge yourself. Surprise yourself. Dare yourself. Scare yourself!

Conquer a fear. Take a risk. Chase a dream.

Make your most comfortable moments be with Schick 舒适, but don’t stay comfortable for long.

We’ve got your morning shave…you’ve got the rest!

Schick 舒适 — The Comfort Experts…..it’s in our name!




















真正的精彩从「舒适」 开始,但我的人生不止于舒适。



「SCHICK 舒适」,恰如其名 , 你的舒适专家!

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Audible Originals


We are creating ongoing cover art for a new series of episodic “Audible Original” content developed as “cinema for your ears” for mainstream entertainment audiences who don’t regularly read books, so the objective was to create artwork that feels more like a movie poster than a book cover.

This series is available globally via the Audible app, but is marketed heavily to an Indian audience.

我们正在为新系列的“Audible Original”内容创作一系列的封面设计,这些内容意在打造成为“听觉电影”,适用于不定期阅读书籍的主流娱乐受众群体,因此目标是创作出一个与传统书籍封面相比更偏电影海报的设计。



India’s scariest incidences are often witnessed by the most unexpected sources – the rickshaw drivers who work late at night, the factory workers, the delivery boys who travel far into India’s interiors, etc. This series recounts their most hair-raising real life tales, the strange phenomena, ghost sightings and supernatural incidences they’ve witnessed with their own eyes. Cinematic sound design allows listeners to travel the country with them, late at night, in the back seat of their car, in the back corner of a factory, as they retell these incredible tales. The series is narrated by the subjects themselves, a first-of-its-kind eye witness series meant to transform listeners’ evening commutes as they too wonder, what tales their own driver can tell.

For this cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Aaron Pinto.


我们与现居于孟买的艺术家Aaron Pinto合作完成了此封面设计。


This series removes the stigma from openly talking about mental health by two comedians who share their own mental health journey and guests on every episode (comedians, actors, experts, etc.) who are funny, honest and completely unashamed to talk about what’s been an otherwise taboo subject in India.

Mental Health is completely normal. Talk about how you’re feeling. Vent. Laugh with friends. Don’t feel ashamed to tell others how you feel.

For this cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Priyanka Paul.



我们与现居于孟买的艺术家Priyanka Paul合作完成了此封面设计。


A fictional drama about hidden desires and unfulfilled lust in a relationship. This is the first completely uncensored romantic audio drama in India (featuring the first ever audio sex scene). “Yours” is cheating on her husband and has a secret she hasn’t told “Mine”. “Mine is hiding something from Yours too. As we listen – from first hookup to a full blown affair as we listen in hidden hotel rooms, dark corners and even in Paris – we, the audience, discover Mine and Yours are keeping a secret from us too. This is the 50 Shades (minus the chains and whips) of audio entertainment.

这是一部关于隐藏与未实现的欲望的虚构爱情故事。它也是印度第一个完全未经审查的浪漫音频剧(有史以来本土第一条以音频性爱场面为特色的剧)。“Yours”背叛了丈夫并藏有一个秘密,她没有告诉“Mine”。 “Mine”同时也对“Yours”有所隐瞒。我们可以聆听 – 如同我们在酒店的隐秘房间得知他们的第一次秘密见面,从黑暗的角落甚至到巴黎 – 我们作为听众们逐步发现Mine和Yours也对我们保有秘密。这是50度灰(除了手铐和手鞭)版的音频读物。

SPOT DADA / Cover Art

Every major Bollywood set is home to hundreds of spot boys and crew who are privy to the most intimate, unvarnished behind-the-scenes stories. Because they are invisible and their presence often ignored, they hold the secrets to the stars… until now. This is the saga of greed and glamour, power and passion, art and ambition and deceit & debauchery. One man for the last 40 years has seen it all. Manohar Patil -lovingly known as Spot Dada – someone who started as a spotboy when he was a mere lad and went on to become the wise old Banyan tree, a permanent fixture on those film sets that are worth the headlines.

This dramatized series, reveals their most salacious secrets from the sets. This series is fictional but inspired by the real confessions, secrets and stories of Bollywood crews.

For this cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Ajinkya Bane.

宝莱坞的每一个主要场景都能找到数百名现场剧组剧务,这些人与剧组沟通最紧密,然而很多人却对他们朴素的幕后故事一无所知。因为他们是隐形的,而且他们是最容易被忽略的群体,所以他们将秘密隐藏深久……直至今日。这是一部贪婪与魅力,权力与激情,艺术与野心以及欺骗与放荡的传奇故事。在过去的40年中,只有一个人看到了这一切。Manohar Patil – 素有“Spot Dada”之称,当他还年轻的时候就开始做剧务,如今仿若一棵睿智的老榕树,穿梭于各个电影剧组的片场中。


我们与现居于孟买的艺术家Ajinkya Bane合作完成了此封面设计。


In this series, improv comedian Kaneez Surka sets her best friends up on blind dates. This is comedy meets love connection meets an exploration of the highs, lows, and awesomely awkward adventures of dating.

This series is for listeners who are new to dating and find comedy in the hilariously ugly side of right swipes, hook ups, and awkward hellos.

For this cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Priyanka Paul.

在这个系列中,即兴喜剧演员Kaneez Surka安排了她最好的朋友进行盲眼相亲。这是一部讲述在爱情中遇到高潮,低谷和约会的尴尬冒险探索的喜剧。


我们与现居于孟买的艺术家Priyanka Paul合作完成了此封面设计。


India’s first audio music documentary. This series tells the stories of 20 of India’s best new upcoming hip-hop artists- from Prabh Deep, to Naezy, to Sez on the Beat, etc. These are the most exciting storytellers in music today. They bring the voice of the streets, the stories of the gullies where they grew up with them in the music they make. They’ve not yet hit mainstream stardom and they’re not out to get it. They want their voice and their message to be heard.

For this cover artwork, we collaborated with New York-based artist Nehal Josh.

印度的第一部音频音乐纪录片。 该系列讲述了印度时下最新的20位嘻哈歌手的故事-从Prabh Deep,到Naezy,再到Beat的Sez……在每一集中,歌手们都会通过一首他们创作的原创歌曲来讲述他们的生活。这些是当今音乐领域中最激动人心的故事主人公们。他们将街头的声音和与在他们成长的地方小巷所发生的故事融入进他们的音乐。他们尚未受到主流的关注与成功。他们希望他们的声音和传递的信息能够被大众所听到。

我们与现居住于纽约的艺术家Nehal Josh合作完成了此封面设计。

BE STUPID / Cover Art

In each episode, Vir Das and his guest reveal how stupid decisions in your career, your love life, your relationship with your parents…can change your life for the better.

The happiest, most successful people do stupid sh*t. Defy convention, break the rules – we’ve been taught to live by the rules. But no life worth living, or career worth having comes from a straight and narrow path. Give yourself the freedom to do stupid sh*t in your life and career because it may just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

For this cover artwork, we collaborated with New York-based artist Nehal Josh.

受此演讲启发,Vir Das和他的客人在每一集中都揭示了关于事业、爱情生活、与父母的关系中所做的愚蠢决定是如何可以使生活变得更好。

最幸福和最成功的人都会做愚蠢的事情。违反惯例,突破规则 – 我们一直被教导要遵守规则。但是,一条直线而狭窄的道路使得生活缺少意义,职业规划缺少乐趣。给予自己自由去做一些生活和事业上的蠢事,因为这可能是你做出的最佳决定。

我们与现居住于纽约的艺术家Nehal Josh合作完成了此封面设计。


India’s first post – “Section 377 Legislation” LGBTQIA audio series by Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga and director Mozez Singh. The series features coming out stories, love stories, stories of the fight against 377 with the lawyers who helped dismantle it, and intimate interviews with celebrity allies such as Vicky Kaushal, Richa Chadda and Manish Arora. This series celebrates the triumph, joy and the struggle of the most essential human fight – the fight for the freedom to be who you are and to love who you love.

For this cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Ajinkya Bane.

奥斯卡获奖制片人Guneet Monga和导演Mozez Singh在印度发布的第一个关于“第377条立法” LGBTQIA音频系列。该系列节目讲述了出轨、爱情、与协助律师一起抗争377条例的故事,以及此系列中也有与名人朋友如Vicky Kaushal,Richia Chadda和Manish Arora的亲密访谈。本系列庆祝人类史上最重要的斗争的胜利、喜悦和奋斗 – 为能够成为真正的自己与选择自己爱的人的权利自由而斗争。

我们与现居于孟买的艺术家Ajinkya Bane合作完成了此封面设计。


The biggest music artists in the country bring you a radically honest look at how they have hustled their way to the top and cracked the code of success. The 10 episode series is an unapologetic, raw look at their tryst with music and their winning formula that continues to drive them.

Immersive sound design, performance, music and writing make this a true movie of the mind that encourages listeners and dreamers to write their own destinies.

For this cover artwork, we collaborated with Berlin-based artist Archan Nair.



我们与现居住于柏林的艺术家Archan Nair合作完成了此封面设计。


Swami Hasyadev Maharaj is Vir Das’s spiritual alter ego, a sweet-talking guru who touts the miraculous power of laughter and offers disastrously misguided advice. He’s so convinced of his beliefs, and so endearingly out of his depth, that you might just wonder if he’s onto something. Starring Suresh Menon in his first series on Audible. 

For the cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Ajinkya Bane.

Swami Hasyadev Maharaj 是 Vir Das 精神上的另一个自我。他是一位慈祥的宗师,相信笑声所带来的奇迹般的力量,并总能给出非常糟糕且不合常理的建议。Swami Hasyadev Maharaj 十分坚定地相信自己的信仰,而且表现出超出了他自己的深度的可爱,使听众情不自禁的开始相信他自己的那套糟糕又不合常理的建议。由演员苏雷什·梅农(Suresh Menon)配音,这是他在Audible上呈现的第一个系列。

我们与现居于孟买的艺术家Ajinkya Bane合作完成了此封面设计。


Agla Station Investigation is a true-crime parody series. Each episode features sergeant Aishwaryuh and two detectives investigating a new “crime”——such as a stolen office lunch or a doll that’s missing its head—that hardly warrants an investigation.

Under the leadership of Aishwaryuh, the two airheaded detectives of the petty crimes division—Aiyadaman and Chanaka—are quickly whipped into shape. Despite solving a record number of cases, the ambitious Aishwaryuh isn’t content with being stuck working small-time misdemeanors. She’s eager to move up the ranks and work homicide cases, which she eventually succeeds in doing.

Both victims and investigators in this series treat these humdrum occurrences with the seriousness of a gritty crime drama. Agla Station Investigation is an absurd sendup of a familiar genre.

For the cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Priyanka Paul.

《阿格拉站的调查》是一个真实犯罪模仿秀的系列。每集讲述的都是由新来的探长和两名探员一起调查一个不同的 “犯罪活动”,例如:丢失的办公室午餐,没有头部的洋娃娃等这类不太值得进行调查的事件。


在这个系列的故事里,受害者和探员都使用对待真正的犯罪活动一样的严肃态度来对待这些单调乏味的日常事件。 《阿格拉站的调查》是以一个搞笑浮华的的方式来模仿一个熟悉的犯罪节目的故事。

我们与现居于孟买的艺术家Priyanka Paul合作完成了此封面设计。

A WEEK TO KILL / Cover Art

A Week to Kill is a stand-up comedy series created and hosted by Abish Mathew.

In an ultimate test of comedic wit, each episode of A Week to Kill features a guest comedian who’s given a week to put together a brand-new standup set around an assigned topic—which they then perform in front of a live audience.

From brainstorming jokes to practicing delivery, the series offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of different stand-up comedians. But under such a tight deadline, will they kill it or bomb on stage?

A Week to Kill是由Abish Mathew创作和主持的单口喜剧系列。

在这场幽默与睿智兼并的终极考验中,A Week to Kill的每一集都会邀请一位喜剧演员以全新脱口秀形式在现场观众面前表演。在正式上台前每位喜剧演员只有一周的时间去围绕指定主题做准备。

从笑点的苦思冥想到最终的呈现,该系列将喜剧演员们的创作过程及幕后花絮一齐提供给听众。 在如此紧迫的时间内,他们的作品究竟是被临末枪毙了还是被完美演绎了呢?

JAB WE SEX / Cover Art

Jab We Sex is a sex-education show that covers every topic you should know but are too afraid to ask – from contraception to pleasure and everything in between, including some serious topics like abuse.

We often shy away from pleasure or getting the information we need because we’re too afraid to ask. This series provides a safe space to satisfy every question. Jab We Sex celebrates sex — not just sex without shame, but opening up our experiences to a world of pleasure.

For the cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Durvesh Gaikar.

《Jab We Sex》是一部性教育系列节目,其内容涵盖了那些难以启齿的主题 – 从避孕到性愉悦的全套知识,甚至包括一些比较严肃的主题,比如虐待等。

我们常常谈性色变以至于我们不敢开口去问。 该系列提供一个安全且舒适的空间来满足听者对于每个问题的渴望。《Jab We Sex》倡导性爱 – 不仅是毫无忌惮的性爱,更是引领我们进入一个性享乐的世界。

我们与现居孟买的艺术家Durvesh Gaikar合作完成了该系列的封面设计。


Sasural Wonder Phool is about the daily routine and adventuress of a small sex clinic in old Delhi run by a multigenerational family and how it affects the married life of the lead couple.

The series is ultimately a heartwarming family comedy set against the backdrop of eccentric clientele, sexual taboo, and sometimes questionable means helping improve relationships.

For the cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Anil Saxena.

Sasural Wonder Phool讲述了位于旧德里的一家由几代家庭经营的小型性诊所的日常工作和经历,以及这些经历是如何影响主角夫妇的婚姻生活。


我们与现居孟买的艺术家Anil Saxena合作完成了该系列剧集的封面设计。


Hello Jaanu is about five ordinary married women’s lives that are turned upside down when they join a “premium caller line” (as romantic chat service) and begin indulging their romantic fantasies with strangers who call in.
The series is full of comedy as the women begin opening up – on the chat service and in their own romantic lives.
For the cover artwork, we collaborated with Mumbai-based artist Anil Saxena.

《Hello Jaanu》讲述了五位普通已婚女性加入了“高奢电话热线”(即线上浪漫聊天服务),并开始与来电的陌生人放纵自己的浪漫幻想。她们的生活由此发生了翻天覆地的变化。
随着女主角们渐渐敞开心扉,故事充满了浪漫喜剧色彩 —— 不断在线上聊天服务和自己真实的浪漫生活中切换。
我们与现居孟买的艺术家Anil Saxena合作完成了该系列剧集的封面设计。

In-Store Art Program


We developed a series of in-store art installations for Lululemon retail outlets throughout China (Xi’an, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.)

The installations integrate local culture and storytelling with the spirit of the Lululemon brand (fun, dynamic, pioneering, active lifestyle) to present a vibrant and creative consumer experience.



重庆 CHONGQING / Spicy Happiness

Spicy Happiness

It’s no secret that Chongqing‘ers love spicy food and hotpot. With that in mind, this artwork centers on these two quintessential elements of the Chongqing lifestyle.

Modeled after traditional Chongqing-style hotpot, the artwork’s circular composition is divided into nine frames. In each standalone scene, a cast of humanoid hot peppers is shown going about their day.

Whether it be exercising, bonding with friends over hotpot, enjoying street food, playing mahjong, or riding on subway lines that cut through high rises, these familiar Chongqing activities are brought to life through together with the brand in our playful illustrations.





厦门 XIAMEN / City Treasures

City Treasures

The artwork for Xiamen features Lululemon’s brand mantra of “Sweat, Grow, Bond” was reinterpreted in a type treatment designed in the likeness of a treasure map.

Housed inside the type design are illustrations depicting some of the city’s most distinctive characteristics, such as its beautiful coasts and the active, yet un-rushed, lifestyle of the locals.

The map leads consumers on a treasure hunt where they’ll discover iconic Xiamen cityscapes and Lululemon-themed easter eggs throughout.


作品结合品牌宣言中的”Sweat, Grow, Bond”三个关键词,精心设计了一副悠闲厦门的城市寻“宝”图。



西安 XI’AN / Yoga Pagoda

Yoga Pagoda

Centered on Xi’an as an ancient capital and renowned foodie destination, this three-panel installation uses layered 3D elements and fabrics from Lululemon product to show the city from a fresh perspective.

Each design uses colors and materials from the brand’s apparel and yoga mats to evoke the historic charm of old Xi’an, featuring sites like the Wild Goose Pagoda and the Terracotta Army.

Different yoga poses give the terracotta warrior a sporty look, perfectly combining the traditional and the modern.





深圳 SHENZHEN / Hi-Tech Urban Explorations

Hi-Tech Urban Explorations

Shenzhen is the heart of China’s electronics industry, as such, for this design we created a series of “Screenhead” characters to encourage people to put down their devices, head outdoors, and work up a sweat.

In a city panorama surrounded by green mountains, this installation shows the Screenhead characters in Lululemon apparel engaged in healthy lifestyle activities like yoga, biking, jogging, and skipping rope.

Brand elements and everyday details from Shenzhen are interspersed throughout, showing the spirit of Lululemon and the fun of getting out into the city.





上海七宝 SHANGHAI QIBAO / Multiverse


Inspired by the tagline “Ignite Possibility,” we’ve created an art installation that uses layered elements, staggered placement, and masked alphabet letters in an imaginative type design.

Within each letter, viewers are given a glimpse into the whimsical universe of Lululemon, a world populated by sports lovers and active lifestyle enthusiasts.

The bottom and middle row depict familiar modern Shanghai landmarks and surrounding areas while the top row features the nearby ancient town of Qibao (where the store is located). With this installation, we pay homage to the active lifestyle long celebrated by Lululemon and Shanghai residents alike.


利用lululemon英文品牌宣言中的”Ignite Possibility”为设计圆心。



北京 BEIJING / Winter Games

Winter Games

Inspired by the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, this imaginative design spotlights iconic architecture in the Chinese capital and a cast of winter athletes. The installation communicates the competitive spirit that sports enthusiasts can expect to see out of the ancient city in the forthcoming Games. Further, the in-store execution of the artwork is layered with several elements mechanically animated bringing alive the athletes throughout the composition.

Fun details are sprinkled throughout the composition: a snowboarder can be seen catching air over the Great Wall, a free climber is scaling the Temple of Heaven, while a skier speeds down the snow-covered roof of a traditional siheyuan. In the upper section, the moat surrounding the Forbidden City is shown frozen over, turning into an ice rink for figure skaters and hockey players. Beijing’s National Aquatic Center—the venue set to host the Winter Games—also appears in frame, teasing the upcoming competitions. All these elements come together to celebrate Beijing as the first-ever city to host both the Summer and Winter Games.




北京 BEIJING / Summer Games

Summer Games

Inspired by the Summer Olympics, this imaginative illustration spotlights iconic architecture in the Chinese capital and a cast of summer athletes. The installation communicates the competitive spirit that sports enthusiasts can expect to see out of the ancient city in the forthcoming Games. Further, the in-store execution of the artwork is layered with several elements mechanically animated bringing alive the athletes throughout the composition.

Fun details are sprinkled throughout the composition: a BMXer can be seen catching air over the Great Wall, a free climber is scaling the Temple of Heaven, while a hurdler jumps over the roof of a traditional siheyuan. In the upper section, the lake surrounding the Forbidden City, its turned into a water wonderland for synchronized swimmers and wind-surfers. Beijing’s National Aquatic Center—the venue set to host the Winter Games—also appears in frame, teasing the upcoming competitions. All these elements come together to celebrate Beijing as the first-ever city to host both the Summer and Winter Games.




上海 SHANGHAI / Physical Education

Physical Education

Located in Shanghai’s Wujiaochang, the Hopson One lululemon store is situated within a buzzing hub of college life. 

This artwork captures the youthful energy of the neighborhood, showcases the area’s distinctive architecture, and celebrates the athletic lifestyles led by local students.




上海 SHANGHAI / Shanghai Deco Slang

Shanghai Deco Slang

Inspired by the lululemon brand spirit and the tagline “be all in,” this mural blends iconic elements of Shanghai art deco architecture with key phrases from the brand manifesto. These phrases, rewritten with linguistic flourishes based on colloquial Shanghainese, are brought together in a cohesive geometric design.


以品牌精神与be all in.墙面为灵感,用老上海风情建筑局部及老物件等元素中穿插manifesto中的单句,并以沪语的形式呈现manifesto的含义,将这些分散的元素用平面设计的方式重组,打造出趣味十足的艺术作品。

上海 SHANGHAI / Rhythm of the City

Rhythm of the City

Inspired by the lululemon brand spirit and the tagline “be all in,” this mural blends iconic elements of Shanghai art deco architecture with key phrases from the brand manifesto. These phrases, rewritten with linguistic flourishes based on colloquial Shanghainese, are brought together in a cohesive geometric design.




Beijing is a city of perpetual motion, a place where people are free to be themselves. When people first visit, they’re often in awe at its lively bustle. For those who choose to stay, they’ll quickly find themselves moving in rhythm with the city’s quickness. With considerations to these aspects of the Chinese capital, and lululemon’s focus on body and spirit, along with the brand’s commitment to an athletic lifestyle, the artwork for the lululemon store in Beijing’s SOLANA shopping mall illustrates the ways that Beijing culture and lululemon’s brand ethos intersect. Through a seemingly fluid, flowing composition, the dynamic pace of Beijing and the movement-driven mindset of the lululemon brand are brought to life.


White Collar Yoga

Beijing doesn’t take breaks. Day or night, the city is forever moving. The grind doesn’t stop for Beijingers, and through this artwork, we look to visualize the urban hustle. Office workers are depicted in a variety of situations—grabbing coffee, racing off to the metro station, typing away in front of their computer, or responding to work messages. Through it all, they’ve managed to keep their love of yoga alive. In this artwork, exaggerated yoga movements and colorful characters give shape to Beijing’s bustle.



Beijing Attitude

No matter how busy it gets, Beijingers always seem able to maintain a positive mindset. By sticking with their sporty interests, they’re able to shed the anxiety and stress that comes with the urban hustle. Through this art work, we visualize the importance of unwinding from work through an active lifestyle—whether it be running, yoga, or even a game of ping pong.



Weekend in Beijing

What do weekends look like in the older parts of Beijing? Whether it be roller blading in Houhai Park, strolling through Sanlitun, or cycling through the hutongs, Beijingers have their own ways of relaxing. This art piece, depicting different sports and Bejing landmarks, is inspired by young Beijing inhabitants who look to an active lifestyle as a means of relaxation, an ethos similarly promoted by lululemon.


老北京怎么过周末的? 后北海公园滑冰,胡同遛弯,三里屯逛街,骑车乐逛胡同,北京人也有自己的放松方式。以城市生活为灵感,通过画面展现北京城市中不同的运动特色及地标,描绘当代年轻人在北京这座大城市里不断寻找自己的舒适感与轻松一刻,同时体现了lululemon所倡导的健康生活方式。


At the mere mention of Chengdu, many things come to mind: giant pandas, tea houses, and the regional cuisine are obvious, but these barely scratch the surface of the city’s deep cultural heritage. Tapping into the visual motifs that people associate with the city, we unveiled a mural that captures the laidback lifestyle of Chengdu. From local folk culture and traditional dishes to the city’s architecture and youthful lifestyle, the characteristics that define the city share many parallels with lululemon’s brand ethos.


Mahjong Capital

Riffing on Chengdu’s love of Mahjong, tiles from the beloved game are used to spell out “Chengdu” in Chinese. Atop the tiles, rather than the expected designs, lululemon logos and characters assuming yoga positions appear instead. Alongside them, recognizable landmarks from across Chengdu, the city’s folk art traditions, and its renowned cuisine are also imprinted for an additional playful touch.



Yogo Stronghold

For this artwork, mahjong tiles designed with disparate references to Chengdu culture and the lululemon brand are laid face up. On them, the city’s landmarks appear along with characters striking a range of yoga poses. Together, these designs reflect lululemon’s brand spirit and how its attitude towards living an athletic life can exist alongside Chengdu’s cultural roots.



Laidback Chengdu

Pandas, bamboo grove, Sanxingdui, tea houses, chili-oil dumpings, and other aspects of Chengdu culture all make cameos on the colorful composition. The landmark building that houses this particular lululemon store even makes an appearance. The city’s inhabitants strike yoga poses against this backdrop, demonstrating the sporty but laidback lifestyle of the city and the lululemon brand.


结合成都的竹子,熊猫,三星堆,喝茶,钟水饺等具有代表性的地方元素,将lululemon所在店铺的地标建筑加入其中,并用各种姿态的瑜伽人物营造出成都悠闲轻松的生活氛围, 展现运动与生活处处相容的和谐理念。

上海办公室 SHANGHAI OFFICE / The Sweatlife

The Sweatlife

Without movement, life is dull. Staying active, getting sweaty, and being passionate about life are essential to a person’s well-being. “The Sweatlife” is a slogan that captures this idea to a tee, and this concept is the axis that this artwork revolves around. With overlapping characters and shapes, this art piece gives shape to movement via bold colors and abstract patterns. In the scene, the lululemon spirit is shown through a community of athletes getting sweaty in their own ways.


The sweatlife, 生活中无处不动,无处不流汗,动起来,爱生活。以Slogan为创作灵感,人物与运动的各种元素相互叠加串联起来。用生动有趣的方式来结合日常生活中的元素,让抽象场景里的人物之间产生联结。这幅作品将色块状人物进行的大胆地分割和重叠,呈现出流畅线条画面来展现运动、冥想和社群生活的结合,体现出lululemon一直在践行的价值观。

上海东平 SHANGHAI DONGPING / Shanghai Looking Glass

Shanghai Looking Glass

The aged villas of Shanghai tell stories that span centuries. Their windows are the witness to an evolution of haipai (海派) culture, and through them, they’ve lent a multitude of perspectives for generations throughout the city’s history.

Through a large stained-glass installation that has replaced the building’s windows, we present a story of Shanghai as it changes from day to night. On the installation, we depict youth engaged in a variety of fitness pursuits, dapper grandpas and qipao-wearing grandmas strolling the streets, and highlight iconic haipai motifs—such as white magnolias, shikumen designs, and haipai-inspired interior designs. Together, these human elements and architectural details showcase the unique local character that can be found on any ordinary day in Shanghai.




上海嘉里中心 SHANGHAI KERRY CENTER / Flowing Through

Flowing Through

This mural showcases the growth and development of the Lululemon brand from West to East. A diverse community of athletes start in Vancouver and flow their way across the frame from right to left, crossing the Pacific Ocean and arriving in Shanghai. Along the way, the group engages in a variety of activities and sports as an expression of the brand’s active lifestyle DNA. The mural shows the evolution of a “yoga pants” brand into a global athleisure phenomenon and lifestyle fashion brand with industry-leading functional sportswear technology. The commonality within the group is a commitment to living in the moment, connected, flowing, and full of vitality. The mural was executed in Lululemon’s brand new Shanghai Flagship store covering a wall approximately 8 meters long and 3 meters high.



上海太古汇 SHANGHAI TAIKOOHUI / Flowing Through

Modern Community

The mural design is inspired by traditional “Shikumen” alley life of local Shanghai residents in the area nearby TaiKoo Hui, where the Lululemon store is located. The maze of dense lanes shows a group of childhood friends playing and having fun as part of a large, interconnected community. The mural is an evolution of the same group of friends growing up and blossoming into the world with different trajectories but retaining a spirt of play and a passion for an active lifestyle. The concept brings together people who love sports and fitness but live in different times and of different backgrounds: some are kicking a shuttlecock, office workers are enjoying a morning jog, while others practice yoga or play tennis. The past is intertwined with modern life as we pursue an active lifestyle. Throughout the composition you can also find slogans and sayings from Shanghaiese dialect created in a font style reminiscent of old Shanghai editorial magazines. The mural was executed in Lululemon’s new Taikoo Hui store covering a wall approximately 10 meters long and 3 meters high.



URBN Playground / 城市嘻游

Beats By Dre

We created a video series called “城市嘻游” (URBN Playground) for Beats By Dre. 城市嘻游 roughly translates to “Urban Playground” with a play on the Chinese characters “嘻” (used in the word for hip-hip) and “嬉” meaning “play” or “having fun” — both have the same pronunciation.

The series celebrates hip-hop culture in different Chinese cities with a few of the scene’s hottest rising stars: JelloRio, a Chendgu-based rapper known for his unique, homegrown vocal style mixing English, Mandarin, Sichuanese dialects; Al Rocco, a cross-cultural American-born-Chinese rapper based in Shanghai; and Nikki Chen, a talented hip-hop dancer based in Taipei.

In each episode, we follow one of the talents as they travel through the city. We see their hoods, their day-to-day, their personal experiences. They share with us their understanding of hip-hop culture and the role of music or dance in their life. Viewers are offered a rare, authentic glimpse into their off-stage personalities.

我们为Beats by Dre创作了主题为“城市嘻游”系列短片。“城市嘻游”这一概念以“嘻”来体现嘻哈精神,也取“嬉”之谐音来体现在城市中玩乐的故事。

在这一系列中,我们聚焦当下的中国嘻哈文化,讲述了三位当红嘻哈新星与其城市的故事:活跃于成都的说唱歌手李佳隆,他以其混合英文,普通话和四川方言的说唱风格著称;活跃于上海的美籍华裔说唱歌手Al Rocco,他以其跨文化的作品为人所知;还有来自台北舞艺精湛的街舞舞者陈妍臻



Al Rocco / Shanghai





Nikki 陈妍臻 / Taipei





李佳隆 JelloRio / Chengdu




WeChat Holiday Sticker Pack


Emojis have become a universal language, one spoken fluently by young adults and teenagers worldwide. Building on this youthful lexicon, we collaborated with luxury baggage brand MCM to design a WeChat sticker pack that can be used across a variety of situations.

Through these animated stickers, MCM was able to showcase the brand’s playful spirit and engage with consumers in a meaningful way.

The iconic animal motifs of MCM served as the key inspiration for these stickers, and six different characters with their own unique personalities are featured in the pack: a teddy bear with oodles of love to give, a panda who can’t wait for Christmas, a piglet who’s ready to ring in the Chinese New Year, a disco robot that’s ready to party, a dog who isn’t afraid to flaunt his street swagger, and a rabbit who’s at a loss for words.

The sticker pack was available for free on the official MCM WeChat account where users were encouraged to download them, share them, and express themselves!




Caged Floral Clouds 花之云笼


We created a floral art installation for Hakkasan Shanghai titled “Caged Floral Clouds.” The installation helped introduce summer special seasonal menu at the restaurant featuring flower ingredients. The installation decorated walkways, lounge, and ding areas throughout the space, and was on display throughout the summer months.

Inspired by the dreamy beauty of “cloud seas,” we conceptualized, designed, and hand-crafted “Caged Floral Clouds.” The installation is made up of hundreds of colorfully marbled petals, which were designed to resemble peony, jasmine, and orchid flowers. These petals were cut into an assortment of shapes and suspended from the ceiling as a means of calling to mind the free-flowing form of clouds.

The installation complemented the elegance of “The Cage “—Hakkasan’s signature wooden, hand-carved interior window frames. This reimagining of flowers as clouds is designed to reflect the creative spirit of Hakkasan’s menu offering. The soft, pastel colors of the installation contrast the bold red-and-black restaurant interior, creating a layered and visually-engaging experience for guests.



此装置与“笼子”优雅地相辅相成 – Hakkasan标志性的传统木雕窗柩屏风。将花朵进行艺术分解再重现的方式,正如同Hakkasan的菜品一样耐人寻味。此装置为本为红黑色调的餐厅平添一分脱俗的柔美,使得在Hakkasan用餐的客人有了从看到吃的完整感官享受。


The Time Is Now


We created a campaign for ShanghaiPRIDE to celebrate its 9th annual LGBTQ Festival in China.

In addition to promoting awareness and teaching tolerance among the public, the campaign aims to rally the LBGT community around a theme of “The Time is Now.” This theme encourages individuals to seize the moment and take action. “We talk a lot about self-acceptance, love, and relationships. So, our team thought: our events should inspire action at a personal level,” explains Raymond Phang, co-founder of ShanghaiPRIDE. “If not now, then when?”

The campaign invited different representatives from the LGBT community – both couples and individuals – to “speak up” this year with personal stories illustrating what “The Time is Now” means to them.

我们为中国LGBTQ代表节日 – 上海骄傲节(ShanghaiPRIDE)的九周年举办创作一组宣传片。

除了提高公众包容的意识,本次活动以“The Time is Now”为主题集聚LBGT社区,倡导及时行乐的态度,鼓励人们抓住时机,行动起来。上海骄傲节的联合创始人Raymond Phang 解释说:“我们谈论过很多关于自我接受、爱和情感关系的话题,所以我们团队就想说应该更多地鼓励个人层面上的行动。如果不趁现在,那还要等到什么时候呢?”

上海骄傲节今年邀请了LGBT群体中的不同代表(包括伴侣和个人), 由他们发声,分享自己的故事,以及他们眼中“The Time is Now”的意义。

Justine & Daphnee / L

Justine: When I came back from Vancouver, I was surprised that people around me still have biases and discriminate against the LGBTQ community. That’s why I decided to stand up. We met at the gym, and then later again at an event with some friends. The serendipity of it is why I treasure our relationship so much. The Time is Now to eliminate discrimination!

Daphnee: My mom is very conservative, but she still loves me after I came out. It was love at first sight when I saw Justine. I feel comfortable sharing myself selflessly when I am with her. Plus, I believe only I can stand her bad temper. The Time is Now to be your true self!

Justine: 从温哥华回来才发现自己身边的人对LGBTQ社群还有很大的偏见和歧视,所以想站出来。我和她是在健身房里初识,在朋友聚会中重逢,所以格外珍惜这缘分和彼此的默契。The Time is Now 消除歧视!

Daphnee: 我的母亲非常保守,但她在知道我的性倾向后依然很疼爱我。遇见她时就一见钟情,因为她让我能毫无保留的分享自己,而且也只有我会忍受她的坏脾气吧。The Time is Now 做真实的自己!

Sunny & Xiaoxiong / G

Sunny: As far as I can remember, I have always liked boys. For the past ten years, I felt that society has been more open-minded and people are more inclusive. When he is around me, I am me. The Time is Now to love who you love!

Xiaoxiong: When I met him six years ago, I could feel that he will be the one. Last year, we went to Greece for vacation; the Aegean Sea was more beautiful with him by my side. The Time is Now to embrace diversity!

Sunny: 从有意识开始,我就喜欢男生。过去十年里,我觉得社会更开放了,而人们也逐渐地更包容。有他的时候,我是最轻松,最自在的那个我。The Time is Now 选你所爱!

小熊: 六年前在武汉认识他,觉得他就是那个对的人。还记得去年一起去希腊旅游,爱琴海有他变得更美丽。The Time is Now 拥抱多元!

Evie / B

Evie: Many think that being bisexual is just being greedy, or that I will follow the mainstream values and select the opposite sex as partners sooner or later. But, my affection is regardless of gender. It is about trust, care, and growing together. Gender is secondary. The Time is Now to love fearlessly!

Evie: 很多人会以为双性恋是贪心的,亦或有顺应社会主流价值观的选择。我的爱只不过是不分性别。爱一个人,是信任、是寄托、是一起成长,性别才是次要的。The Time is Now 勇敢爱!

Annin / T

Annin: Since I was young, I thought that everyone was the same, but as I grew older, gender became restrictions. At my college graduation ceremony, I took off my disguise, showing the world who I really am. Staying true to myself, I became happier. The Time is Now to be who you are!

Annin: 从小我就觉得人与人之间没有区别。但是成长的过程中,性别的隔阂成为了生命的束缚。大学毕业典礼上,我卸下伪装,用真实的自己去面对世界。真实地面对自己,真实而快乐。The Time is Now 成为你想要的!

Brand Launch


We helped launch Staxx by translating its company mission into a distinct brand identity. That visual interpretation guided the development of a crisply-designed website as well as product imagery, copy, and videos featured in broader marketing communications efforts.

Our creative focused on sharply communicating the Staxx brand mission ‘to create smarter, simpler design in a world of ever-increasing complexity.’




Introduction to Staxx



Product Showcase












Kids Collection

BeatsX 遇见 X 种自由

Beats By Dre



We created a campaign for Beats By Dre’s BeatsX wireless earphones that explored the concept of “Freedom of Wireless” through the stories of four very different creative talents. Chacha, a music producer and songstress. Hurricane, a street artist, tattooist, entrepreneur, American football enthusiast, and fitness guru. Lee Wen Hsin, a skateboarder, contemporary dancer, and performance artist. Guan Chun and Xiang, a creative couple with established careers in painting and photography.

The campaign shows how BeatsX plays an integral role in the creatives’ unique lifestyles, while giving audiences tangible ideas of what “Freedom of Wireless” could mean in their own lives.

我们为配合Beats By Dre全新无线耳机产品的上市为其创作了一系列的“发现X种自由”推广内容,并通过四位风格迥异的创意人故事去表达他们各自追求自由的方式。Chacha – 音乐制作人和女歌手。哈里 – 街头艺术家/纹身师/创业人及美式橄榄球爱好者,同时也是一位运动狂人。李文心 – 滑板爱好者/现代舞者/表演艺术家。官纯和孙瑞祥 – 擅长画画和摄影的创意夫妻档。





Chacha is one of the most exciting and celebrated independent artists in China today. Her music is an eclectic mix of genres that’s accompanied by haunting vocals and quirky lyrics, which work in tandem to sweep listeners into a unique, ethereal soundscape. Check out the film above to learn more about how she pulls together a new song and what inspires her along the creative process from original concept to live performance.





Hurricane is one of the busiest, hardest working creative in China. He’s a jack-of-all-trades who can’t sit still. He somehow finds a way to manage his CrossFit studio, tend to his tattoo clients, scratch his street-art itch, keep up his personal fitness regiment, and hit the gridiron for a pick-up game of football. Check out the film above to learn more about his fast-paced lifestyle and how he fits it all into his daily routine.





Lee Wen Hsin is a woman of many creative talents. Whether gliding through the city on her skateboard or gliding through the air at any one of her dance performances, she possesses a grace and elegance all its own in the performance art world. Her modern dance style is the ultimate expression of freedom and release. Check out the film above as Lee takes us to great heights for a modern dance performance on a Shanghai rooftop.





Guan Chun is one of China’s most established and well-known illustrators and painters. Her husband, Xiang, is an equally renowned photographer. Together, they are a powerhouse creative duo who seems like a match made in heaven. Check out the film above to learn how the two compliment one another and harness each other’s creative energy in their shared workspace.