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November 4, 2016 2016年11月4日



Linfeng is a Shanghai-born independent electronic music producer whose music has been self-described as “music to get lazy to.” The signature sounds he’s known for can be best described as a mix of downtempo chill-out and vintage funk, a style that’s able to ease listeners into a rhythmic world of blissful relief. Laid-back and mellow, Linfeng’s music almost feels like a direct extension of his personality. His drive to making music is simple and pure; he hopes his music can help people slow down and listening to it can become a form of momentary respite from our frenzied, fast-paced modern lifestyle. “I want people to relax,” he says. “I want to give them a chance to enjoy the two or three-minute duration of the song, to be fully immersed in my music and feel completely at ease.”


Originally, Linfeng’s foray into the world of music was as the bass player for a local garage band. “For me, wanting to perform music was such a primitive thing at the time. I was really into the idea of looking cool and being on a stage,” he recalls. The younger him was drawn to the aggressive and rebellious energy of rock-and-roll music. As he grew older, his taste in music naturally began to shift and he started to grow out of the angst-driven sounds that previously interested him. Nowadays, his musical preferences are R&B, soul, and funk; with his new seven-track EP, the influences from these genres are even more obvious.


Listen below to our favorites from the Sometime EP and the new Soft Smell EP:

Linfeng – Cloudy Afternoon

Linfeng – Palm Talk

Linfeng – Golden Pineapple

以下的精选曲目来自《Sometime》和最新的《Soft Smell》,欢迎试听:

Linfeng – Cloudy Afternoon

Linfeng – Palm Talk

Linfeng – Golden Pineapple

The new album, Soft Smell, radiates an infectiously jubilant energy. Beginning with “Palm Talk.” a hypnotic intro track that eases listeners into “Golden Pineapple,” a funk-filled dance track that demonstrates the versatility of his production prowess. Using vocals from Cassie’s “Me & U”, the third track is an uplifting summer anthem dubbed as “Ice Cream Girl.” The rest of the album is a whirlwind of feel-good vibes and danceable tracks, all sprinkled with nods back to the chill-out sounds of his Sometime EP. “With the new album, I’m kind of attempting to return to my band roots. I want to use more guitar and bass sounds. Even though my previous EP used some bass sounds, they weren’t prominently featured,” Linfeng says. “I want people to dance and move. The bass line and guitar are more pronounced in the album. It’s also funkier, and I incorporated some elements from house music.”

新专辑《Soft Smell》散发出一种能感染人的欢快能量。从《Palm Talk》开始,催眠般柔缓的音乐让听众接着听《Golden Pineapple》,这是一首带着Funk 乐的舞曲,展示了Linfeng音乐上的多元性。第三首歌是与Cassie合唱的《Me & U》,这首令人开怀起舞的夏天赞歌也被誉为《Ice Cream Girl》。专辑里其他的歌曲都是节奏动感的舞曲类型,同时,也都点缀着呼应他之前EP《Sometime》舒缓的音乐元素。“在新专辑里,我有种想回归乐队寻根的尝试。我想更多地运用吉他和贝斯乐。虽然我之前的专辑也有贝斯乐,但那并不明显,”Linfeng说。“我想让人们动起来,跳起来。所以在新专辑中,贝斯乐和吉他也更多地体现了进来。更具有Funk乐风格,我还融入了‘浩室’音乐的某些元素。”

Despite having released two EPs, Linfeng has yet to release a physical album. “My creation process is actually quite chaotic,” he says. “I’m a spontaneous person; I’ll think about something and then do it right away. It might take time to actually finish my initial concept, but once it’s done I want to share it with everyone immediately. That’s why I’ve never turned my music into a physical tangible product and it all only exists digitally.”


Surprisingly, from searching for inspiration to the production process, Linfeng often prefers to work outdoors, a departure from many people’s preconceptions of music producers being locked away in soundproof rooms. Despite having a wide range of equipment available in his studio, he’ll instead equip himself with a simple production set-up consisting of a laptop, an OP-1 portable synthesizer, and a pair of headphones, and retreat to one of his favorite outdoor hideaways.


“I think taking the time to enjoy life is important. Enjoying music is important. When you go out and have fun, it can also be considered as work, and when you’re working, it can also be considered as fun,” Linfeng said with a grin. “I hope that my work can continue to progress in this direction, where what I consider to be work and what I consider to be fun all blends into one another.”


Soundcloud: ~/linfeng-lee
Bandcamp: linfeng.bandcamp.com
Weibo: ~/1747079737
Douban: ~/djlinfeng


Contributor & Photographer: David Yen
Videographer: Gerhan

Soundcloud: ~/linfeng-lee
Bandcamp: linfeng.bandcamp.com
微博: ~/1747079737
豆瓣: ~/djlinfeng


供稿人与摄影师: David Yen
视频摄影师: Gerhan

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