A Route of Contrasts

September 4, 2017 2017年9月4日



Cesar Ruiz Preciado is a Spain-based UX designer who, beyond design alone, has found a passion for the art of filmmaking. This interest stems from his travels and his enjoyment of capturing realistic portraits of local life. In Vietnam, the newly released addition to his series of short travel films, Preciado traverses the entirety of the beautiful country from north to south. Traveling on a combination of motorcycles, bicycles, trains, and boats, Preciado explores the tropical jungles of Sapa and Tam Coc as well as the hectic, moped-filled streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. He describes his journey through Vietnam as an exhilarating experience filled with contrasts.

Cesar Ruiz Preciado是一名居住在西班牙的UX设计师。设计之外,他也是一位热爱拍摄短片的电影人,Preciado喜欢在旅行的时候用镜头记录下所去之地的风土人情。 短片《Vietnam》正是他旅行短片系列的其中一部。从越南北部的河内市一路向南到达胡志明市,他骑过摩托车和自行车,也乘过火车和船,经过了Sapa (沙壩)和Tam Coc (宁平)的原始丛林,再去往塞满路人和摩托车的繁忙城市,Preciado形容这是一场充满对比碰撞的旅途。

Website: ruizpreciado.com
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Contributor: Ye Zi



供稿人: Ye Zi