An Anthology Vol. 1

August 2, 2017 2017年8月2日



Currently based in the UK, Chinese illustrator and motion designer Yukai Du recently released An Anthology Vol. 1, a series comprised of ten GIF animations. Eschewing the vibrant colors of her past commercial and editorial works, the talented artist relied on the use of many fewer colors – mainly a palette dominated by blues and oranges – for this project. Despite each animation appearing to seemingly take place in the same surreal universe, Du intended for every frame in the series to act as a standalone story. She describes the project as a visual manifestation of her scattered thoughts, scenes extracted from her dreams, and various nonsensical ideas. Each frame of the series is delightfully imaginative and filled with subtle details that all work together to weave narratives around the topics of loneliness, longing, exploration, and camaraderie.

中国插画家、动画设计师杜钰凯目前生活在英国,她最近推出了一个 GIF 动画系列《An Anthology Vol. 1》。这位才华横溢的艺术家没有沿袭她过去在商业和杂志作品中采用的鲜艳色彩,转用更简单的色彩来创作,以蓝色和橙色为主色调,描绘出一个宁静和超现实主义的世界。杜钰凯希望让每一幅单独的作品成为一个独立的故事,并解释道,这一系列的作品其实是对自己脑海中那些奇思妙想、梦中的场景和各种荒谬想法的视觉表达。看似简单的画像,但每一帧实际上都充满了微妙的细节,结合在一起,讲述出有关孤独、渴望、探索和友谊的主题。

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Contributor: David Yen

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