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October 20, 2015 2015年10月20日

Both Music is a café nestled in Shanghai’s Red Town creative district. Combining an eclectic mix of music, art, and photography, it’s a hidden haven for beat-makers and audiophiles in Shanghai who want to relax to a curated selection of funk, soul, jazz, and hip-hop.

Both Music,坐落于上海红坊创意园,是集合了音乐、艺术和摄影为一体的咖啡店。在上海,对于想在放克乐、灵魂乐、爵士乐和嘻哈乐中放松的节奏音乐人或者音乐发烧友来说,这里无疑是水泥森林中隐藏的避风港。

The space is rather compact and is beautifully designed by Prism Design architect Tomohiro Katsuki. During the day, café-goers can browse the books upstairs, or preview records on in-store turntables.

Both Music由Prism Design公司的建筑师胜木知宽操刀设计,空间虽紧凑却惊艳无比。在白天,咖啡客可以在楼上看看书,或者自己将唱片放在便携式唱片机的转盘上播放欣赏。

The shop’s music selection is curated by Kobayashi Yoshiharu, a Nagoya native whose passion for obscure records is evident when browsing the walls. Kobayashi travels to Japan and the U.S. regularly to bring records back to the café.

这里的音乐全部由小林 芳春甄选。小林是热衷收藏各种冷门唱片的名古屋人,其激情你大可在店内墙上一览无余。他还定期前往日本和美国把唱片带回咖啡店。

At night, Both Music becomes a venue that hosts weekly DJ workshops, discussion forums with musicians, and film screenings.

到夜间,Both Music变身为每周举行一次的DJ工作坊,音乐人论坛和电影播放室。

As a collector with thousands of records back in Japan, Kobayashi wants people who come to the shop to be engaged and exposed to all kinds of music, old and new. Both Music also holds a weekly salon series which invites music groups of all genres to Q&A sessions with the public. Be sure to give it a visit the next time you are in Red Town!

作为上千张唱片的收藏者,小林希望来Both的人们可以欣赏到各种音乐:新的也好,老的也罢。Both Music每周举办系列沙龙,邀请各种流派的音乐组合来参加公众的问答活动。下次到红坊记得一定来这里看看。

B106, Redtown Creative Center
570 Huaihai West Road
Xuhui District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China


Contributor & Photographer: Jia Li




拱稿人与摄影师: Jia Li

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