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Based out of Shanghai, Marc Ressang is a Dutch photographer and videographer whose recent travels took him to Tajikistan. There, he shot Buzkashi, a short film offering an intimate look into how one of the oldest and most violent sports in the world is played. Buzkashi, which roughly translates to “goat pulling” in Persian, is a highly dangerous sport. The fiercely competitive sport calls for players to undergo extensive amounts of training prior to ever competing. Imagine polo but with more aggression, more competitors swarming the field, and instead of using a ball, they opt for a decapitated – and often times eviscerated – goat carcass.

荷兰摄影师兼电影人Marc Ressang目前生活在上海,他最近到了塔吉克斯坦旅行。在那里,他拍摄了短片《Buzkashi》,近距离地观察当地的抢羊比赛“buzkashi”——世界上最古老和最暴力的体育项目之一。“Buzkashi”是波斯语,可以大概地翻译成“拉羊”,这项比赛的竞争异常激烈,且有一定的危险性,所以大多数选手在比赛开始之前都要先进行艰苦的训练。可以把这项比赛想像成更激烈的马球比赛,有更多的竞争者,而他们要抢的不是一个球,而一头通常被斩首(或已经取出内脏)了的羊的尸体。

While buzkashi can be traced back to nomadic Turkic tribes, its exact origins are up for debate. In modern times, it’s been established as the official national sport of Afghanistan. However, derivative forms of the sport have made its way out of the country, including a form of buzkashi in western China that’s played on yaks instead of horses. In Ressang’s short film, rather than the more structured, team-oriented playstyles seen in Afghanistan, he presents the most common playstyle of Tajikistan – a sprawling, chaotic free-for-all where individual riders attempt to wrestle control of the carcass and score a goal. Watch the stunning video in full above or scroll down to see more images from Ressang’s trip to Tajikistan.


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