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Neocha magazine is an online media platform dedicated to celebrating culture and creativity in Asia. We welcome curious storytellers who share this vision and are looking to grow their career in an exciting, inspiring environment!

If you’re interested in any of the positions listed below, send us an email with the position title(s) as the subject of the email:, and include your CV / resume / portfolio, and anything else that helps us better understand you and the value you’ll bring to our team.

Open editorial positions at Neocha:

Filmmakers – Applicants need to be able tell stories in fun and compelling ways. This position requires facility with creative concept and treatment development, production, shooting / lighting, and editing / post-production processes.

Photographers – Applicants need to be able to participate in a variety of roles throughout the image-making and editorial process. Applicants should be able to work on assignments (briefed by Chief Editor), their own independent photo essays, or be flexible in collaborating closely with other editors and contributors to tell visually compelling stories.

Full-time Editors – Applicants will be expected to drive the daily production and publication of content on our media platform. This includes story ideation / curation, copywriting, translating, and web publishing.

Internships – We’re also accepting intern applications for the above-listed positions.


如果你对以下任一职位感兴趣,请以应聘职位作为邮件标题发送至,邮件中请附上你的简历 / 作品集,以及其它任何能让我们更好地了解你或你自身价值的资料。



视频人才 – 申请者需具备用以有趣且引人入胜的方式拍摄故事的能力。该职位也同时要求你拥有创意概念撰写、执行、制作、拍摄 / 布光以及剪辑 / 后期等出色能力。

平面摄影师 – 申请者需熟悉图片拍摄与后期处理的各个流程并能主动配合主编所分配的工作任务,其中包括独立完成图文故事,或与其他编辑/供稿人紧密配合,以共同完成更为引人入胜的故事。

全职编辑 – 申请者需要具备对我们的媒体平台的日常内容做规划及执行的能力。工作内容包括故事的构思 / 策划、文案、翻译以及网络发布。

实习生 – 如果对于上述任一职位的感兴趣的话,你也可以应聘成为我们的实习生。

We’re always looking for curious storytellers to help move forward our mission to celebrate culture and creativity in Asia. If you are interested in joining our editorial team as a freelance contributor, we’d love to hear from you.


Below are our rates for freelance contributors:

  • For normal-length stories (1100-2600 Chinese words / 800-2200 English words) and no original photography or video (meaning photos or video is provided by a 3rd party): 75 USD per 1000 words or 500 RMB per 1000 words. The final word count will be tallied based on the published story.
  • For long-form (2600+ Chinese words / 2200+ English words) stories with original copy, but no original photography or video (meaning photos or video is provided by a 3rd party): 100 USD per 1000 words or 750 RMB per 1000 words. The final word count will be tallied based on the published story.
  • Original photography: ¥1,300 RMB or $200 USD
  • For original video: ¥3000 RMB per article or $450 USD

For freelance contributors who are able to create 12 approved stories or more within one annual cycle, a 20% bonus of their total earnings will be rewarded.

All contributors will also have their own “Stories by” archive page.

Send us your pitches by writing us at

如果你是一个热衷于通过文字/ 图片或视频短片来讲故事的人,并希望与我们一起向全世界展示和推广亚洲文化和创意,我们的编辑团队都很期待收到你的来信。



  • 对于正常篇幅的故事(中文 1100-2600 或英文数 800-2200)且无原创摄影或视频(照片或视频由第三方提供):75美元/每千字 或 500RMB/每千字。*具体以刊用字数为准

  • 对于长篇报道类的原创故事(中文 2600 字以上/ 英文 2200 字以上),且无原创摄影或视频(照片和视频由第三方提供): 100 美元/ 每千字或 750RMB/每千字。*具体以刊用字数为准

  • 原创照片:1300元/篇 或 200美元/篇
  • 原创视频短片:3000元/篇 或 450美元/篇

在一年内, 累计投稿并获得发表文章等于或超过12篇的自由撰稿人将获得全年 稿费总额的20%作为奖金。



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