Common Space 中西合璧的浪漫

March 20, 2019 2019年3月20日

Trajan (Jia Chuan) is a Chinese artist and illustrator who lives and works in London. In his multimedia works, he records gradually disappearing public residential spaces and the stories they contain. His inspiration comes largely from Chinese housing complexes like the one in Anhui province that he grew up in—hulking concrete structures packed with tiny living spaces. His finely drawn, powerfully poetic illustration style, with its bright colors and vintage sensibilities, shows the influence of his multicultural background.

Trajan(贾船)是一位来自中国、目前在伦敦工作生活的插画师和艺术家。他结合利用各种媒介,记录下变化的时代细节——那些逐渐消失的公共生活空间和发生在其中的故事。从小在安徽长大的 Trajan,灵感很多都来源于他曾经生活的建筑群:恢弘的水泥框架,紧凑小巧的生活空间,两者密切关联。而他接受的多元文化教育,也对他的艺术风格产生了巨大的影响,色彩明亮却古风绵延,画风细腻却诗意盎然。


Contributor: Chen Yuan
English Translation: Allen Young



供稿人: Chen Yuan
中译英: Allen Young