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Written in not-so-perfect English, a sign at the Bangkok Railway Station reads, “Travelling by Train is Comfort, Economical, Fast and Safe.” This nostalgic form of transport has long piqued the curiosity of Thai photographer, Watcharawit Phudork, who created his series, DELAYED, centered around the 19-hour train journey from Bangkok to his hometown of Hat Yai.

乘火车旅行,舒适、经济、快速、安全”—— 这是曼谷火车站的一个标语。这种传统交通方式,激起了泰国摄影师Watcharawit Phudork的好奇心,将镜头对准从曼谷到他的家乡合艾共19个小时的火车旅程,创作出摄影系列《DELAYED》(晚点)。

Phudork notes that whilst other forms of transportation excel both in speed and economically, there is a still a sizable demand for Thailand’s slowest form of domestic travel. With a mind full of questions and a camera in hand, he bought the cheapest ticket available and embarked on his near day-long journey home.


The subjects of DELAYED are noticeably from an older generation; commuters who likely accepted their longer journeys as the norm. The half empty, run down carriages inspired Phudork to explore the other side of railway travel; the inevitable abandonment caused by dwindling demand. His second series, Out of Service, lead him to visit Hat Yai train garage, where worn out train compartments are sent for repair or abandonment.

DELAYED》镜头下的对象大都是上了年纪的人;他们早已习惯了如此漫长的旅途。残旧的车厢中有一半的座位都是空的,受此启发,Phudork又去探讨火车旅行的另一面——需求下降后,那些被扔弃的火车。在第二个摄影系列《Out of Service》(停止服务)中,他前往合艾火车车库,这里堆满了送来维修和废弃的火车车厢。

“Every compartment will be brought to a garage, even if they are in a completely bad condition,” he says. This includes the compartments that were near obliterated during a bombing by the South Thailand insurgency, the remains of which have been left behind alongside other trains to wither away with passing time. Today, Phudork works out of Bangkok and continues to tell stories of disappearing slices of Thai culture through his trusty lens.


Instagram: @watcharawitwat


Contributor: Whitney Ng

Instagram: @watcharawitwat


供稿人: Whitney Ng