Exploring Hidden Hong Kong 发现鲜为人知的香港

May 9, 2016 2016年5月9日



Urban exploration dates back many centuries. In 1861, Walt Whitman wrote about New York City’s first abandoned subway tunnel. In the 1970s, the notorious Suicide Club of San Francisco set the precedent for many of the traditions in modern day urban exploration. The secret society would explore abandoned utility tunnels, old hospitals, government structures, and other disused urban locales. This sparked the thriving urban exploration movement of today, where many avid and curious explorers attempt to remind people of the value that exists in forgotten areas of our vast, urban landscape. It’s this same sense of endless curiosity and dedication that brings the members of HK Urbex together in Hong Kong, one of the world’s densest cities.

城市探险的历史可以追溯到多个世纪前。 1861年,沃尔特·惠特曼(Walt Whitman)写下有关纽约城首个废弃地铁隧道的文字。上个世纪70年代,旧金山Suicide Club虽臭名昭著,却奠定了现代城市探险的多项传统。这个秘密的社会团体在诸多地方留下了足迹:废弃的公用隧道、古旧的医院、政府机构,以及其他荒芜的城市地带……这一切点燃了当今蓬勃发展的城市探险运动的燎原之火,在这个运动中,一腔好奇的探险者们以他们的行动,提醒着人们莫大城市中那些被遗忘的角落中的价值。正是出于同样强烈的好奇心和致力精神,在香港,这个全球最为密集的城市之一,HK Urbex 的成员们走到了一起。

Formed by a band of artists, journalists, and media workers, HK Urbex emphasizes a deep respect and connection to the locations they explore. Urbex is not about selfies, egos, or “rooftopping” acts of bravado, they say. It should help to form an understanding of the legacy behind neighborhoods and structures in our cities, to help connect the dots of why heritage is important in places undergoing rapid and destructive urbanization.

由艺术家、新闻工作者和媒体工作者组成的HK Urbex,对于每一个探索之地都深怀敬意,并着重探究他们与所探索之地间的联系。 HK Urbex 无关自拍,无关自我,更无关爬楼党那种单纯的冒险,他们表示。这一行为应该是去帮助人们对城市中社区和建筑背后的故事和遗产形成理解,是在疾速和具破坏性的城市化进程中,帮助人们明白传统的重要性。

Urban exploration comes with its fair share of dangers and nuisances. Stealth, athleticism, and a level-headed disposition are a few of the crucial attributes an explorer should possess. The members of HK Urbex are anonymous, but each contribute their own set of skills to round out the group. They include climbers, drone-operators, photographers, and writers, local and international Hong Kong dwellers. They produce albums, videos, and essays about each location they explore. Before deciding on a site, they research and scout the location first, gathering background information and clues that can enrich the context of the story. “Abandon porn” is not interesting, says Echo Delta, one of the founders of the group. To them, exploring a location without knowing anything about its background is pointless.

城市探险伴随着一定的危险和麻烦。所以参与人员做事隐秘,身手矫捷以及冷静的头脑都是关键。 HK Urbex成员虽然都保持匿名,但每个人都各怀技能,组成强大的团队。这个团队中有攀爬者,有无人机操作员,有摄影师,有作家,有香港的当地和国际居民。他们为每个所探索之地创作相关的专辑、视频,以及文章。在进行踩点时,他们首先会仔细研究和勘探具体位置,然后收集大量背景信息,不放过任何能使整个故事更为饱满的线索。团队创始人之一Echo Delta表示,“废弃大片”并没有意思,不了解其背景只是单纯过一个地方并不是他们的目的。

Seeing a side of Hong Kong that many people overlook is a special experience, says Ghost, another founder of HK Urbex. In a city where noise, people, and relentless traffic swirls around you at all times, it’s almost zen-like to find an abandoned space in the middle of it all – quiet and untouched for years. They’ve explored over a hundred locations since forming: the Hong Kong MTR tunnels, an abandoned island resort, a rundown psychiatric hospital, a haunted school, and a disused slaughterhouse are just a few of the places they’ve visited. “These gems often espouse Hong Kong culture, Hong Kong heritage, and in the face of an ever-gentrifying city, we are in the past few years in danger of losing our physical culture… our heritage.”

HK Urbex 的另一位创始人 Ghost 说,去捕捉香港鲜为人知的另一面是一种非常特别的体验。在一个无时无刻不喧嚣的城市当中,找到一处静置多年无人探访的地方几乎不可能。在过去的几年时间里,HK Urbex已探索了上百个地方:香港地铁隧道、荒废的小岛度假村、破败的精神病院、闹鬼的学校、废弃的屠宰场,这些只是他们发现的隐藏珍宝中的几处。 “这些珍宝,与香港文化、香港传统是一脉相承的。面对不停中产化的城市,我们在过去几年里,面临着丢失我们的物质文化遗产的危险。“

Website:  hkurbex.com
Instagram: @hkurbex

网站: hkurbex.com
Instagram: @hkurbex

Contributor, Videographer & Photographer: Jia Li
Additional Footage Courtesy of Echo Delta

供稿人,图片摄影师与视频摄影师: Jia Li
附加视频脚本来自Echo Delta

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