Flabjacks “Survival Kit”

July 15, 2016 2016年7月15日



Neocha recently collaborated with Ton Mak, the illustrator behind the Flabjacks series. Despite never having officially studied art, her love of doodling led her onto the path of becoming an artist. Now based between Hong Kong and Shanghai, she has created an imaginary world populated with pudgy, goofy creatures. She’s even been known to turn inanimate object, such as avocados or pots of cacti, into her chubby Flabjacks characters.

近期,Neocha与Ton Mak进行了一次联手合作。她是Flabjacks系列背后的插画师,尽管从未正经学艺,但对涂涂画画的爱让她走上了艺术家之路。如今身居香港和上海两地的她,已经一手打造出了一个想象世界,在这个世界里充满了傻乎乎、胖墩墩的各种角色设定。她甚至还将牛油果和仙人掌等物体进行拟人化,并加入到她的肥仔角色中去,并以此被广为所知。

For this collaboration, Ton Mak worked alongside Neocha and Moleskine® to created a limited edition Flabjacks “Survival Kit” that’s now available in our online shop. Check out the video to see Ton’s mischievous Flabjacks characters escaping her studio for a day of shenanigans in Shanghai.

在这次的联手合作中,我们与Ton Mak以及Moleskine®一起,创作了限量版Flabjacks “Survival Kit”,并已于Neocha在线商店出售。点击视频,观看Ton那些Flabjacks淘气包们从她的工作室出逃,在上海调皮捣蛋的一天。

The Flabjacks “Survival Kit” includes: Puff Ville, a limited-edition black-and-white risograph print; a limited-edition Flabjacks notebook done in collaboration with Moleskine®; and a Flabjacks tote bag. Each limited-edition Moleskine® notebook is debossed with the Flabjacks logo and features different fun characters hand-doodled by Ton Mak throughout the pages.

Flabjacks “Survival Kit”中包含有一副限量黑白孔版印刷版画《Puff Ville》,一个Flabjacks和Moleskine®限量合作笔记本,一个Flabjacks帆布袋。每一本限量Moleskine®笔记本都凹印有Flabjacks的标志,内页中则有各种不同的有趣角色,由Ton Mak手绘而成。

The Puff Ville print measures 30.3 cm x 30.3 cm, and is a risograph print done on high-quality Olin 300gsm art paper. Everything is packaged in its own customized Flabjacks pizza box. The Flabjacks “Survival Kit” can be purchased now exclusively on the Neocha Shop. It’s available in a limited edition of only 15.

孔版印刷版画《Puff Ville》尺寸为30.3 cm x 30.3 cm,印于300克欧林艺术纸上。以上物品包装于定制的Flabjacks披萨盒中。Flabjacks “Survival Kit”现已在Neocha商店独家上线,限量15份。

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Buy "Flabjacks Survival Kit" by Ton Mak

Full Product Details:

  • Custom Flabjacks pizza box
  • Limited-edition Flabjacks Puff Ville print (details below)
  • Limited-edition Flabjacks Moleskine® notebook of 15
  • Flabjacks Tote Bag
  • Price: $150


Print Details:

  • Limited-edition Puff Ville black-and-white risograph print
  • Edition size: 15
  • Print size: 30.3 cm x 30.3 cm
  • Paper: 300gsm Olin Art Paper


  • Flabjacks定制披萨盒
  • Flabjacks限量孔版印刷版画《Puff Ville》
  • Flabjacks限量Moleskine®笔记本
  • Flabjacks帆布袋
  • 价格: $150



  • 限量黑白孔版印刷版画《Puff Ville》
  • 版数: 15
  • 尺寸: 30.3 cm x 30.3 cm
  • 用纸: 300克欧林艺术纸

Website: flabjacks.com


Contributor: David Yen
Videographers: Winnie Chi, Gerhan, Patti Ruan
Photographers: Crown Wang, Leon Yan

网站: flabjacks.com


供稿人: David Yen
视频摄影师: Winnie Chi, Gerhan, Patti Ruan
图片摄影师: Crown Wang, Leon Yan