Forest of Numbers

March 1, 2017 2017年3月1日



Forest of Numbers is the brainchild of Tokyo-based architect and artist, Emannuelle Moureaux. Her largest installation to date was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tokyo’s National Art Center (NACT), spanning 2000 square meters and utilising “100 colours”. This is the first time that the National Art Center has used the White Cube exhibition room without any partition walls.

《数字森林》是东京建筑师和艺术家Emannuelle Moureaux迄今为止最大型的艺术装置作品,是她为庆祝东京国家艺术中心(NACT)成立十周年而专门创作的。这个大型艺术装置占地2000平方米,一共使用了100种颜色。这是东京国家艺术中心的White Cube展厅首次在举办展览时没有设立任何隔墙。

The installation itself symbolises the next 10 years for NACT – the decade spanning between 2017 to 2026. More than 60,000 number figures ranging from zero to nine were aligned within a 3-D grid and suspended from above. A pathway was been purposefully created, cutting through the installation and allowing visitors to take a walk through the cascade of numerals.


As part of Moureaux’s 100 colors installation series, Forest of Numbers utilises 100 shades of colours across 10 layers of numbers. The walls that encapsulate the installation space feature a compilation of exhibition posters to commemorate the last 10 years, which are contrasted with white number cut outs on the opposite wall to symbolise the next 10 years to come.


Forest of Numbers was a true labour of love, created as a colourful celebration of the National Art Center’s anniversary and brought to life with the help of 300 volunteers. Moureaux’s playful installation creates joy from paper and thread, attracting over 20,000 visitors within the first ten days of its NATC debut.

色彩缤纷的《数字森林》是一个充满爱的作品——它是为庆祝东京国家艺术中心成立10 周年而诞生的,凝聚了300名参与制作的志愿者的努力。Moureaux用纸和线所创作的这个充满玩趣和快乐的艺术装置,在NATC首次亮相的前10天里就吸引了超过2万名观众。



Contributor: Whitney Ng
Video and Images Courtesy of Emmaneulle Moureaux



供稿人: Whitney Ng
视频与图片由Emmanuelle Moureaux提供