Hair Highway

August 31, 2016 2016年8月31日



Studio SWINE is a collaboration between Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves. Their projects and videos explore the themes of regional identity and the future of resources in the context of globalization. Hair Highway is an imaginative project looking at China as the world’s largest importer of tropical hardwood and biggest exporter of human hair. The documentary asks the unprecedented question: What if you could use human hair as an alternative to diminishing natural materials?

设计工作室Studio SWINE由日本设计师 Azusa Murakami 和英国设计师 Alexander Groves 联合创办,其项目和影视作品旨在探讨地域特征以及在全球化背景下的资源发展方向。他们最新的创意作品——《Hair Highway》意在向中国,这个世界上最大的热带硬木 进口国和头发的出口国,提出一个先锋性的问题:人的头发能否加以运用而替代日益减少的自然资源?

The stunning short film documents the global hair industry in Shandong province, but also reveals the possibility of creating objects by combining human hair with a natural resin, which reveals human hair’s potential to be turned into sustainable, handcrafted and highly decorative items. The film is a beautifully executed and thought-provoking look at China’s controversial relationship with its natural environment, whilst also drawing attention to its history of producing unique, original, artisan craft.


By combining these unlikely matched components, Studio SWINE has created a composite material that provides a sustainable alternative to diminishing natural resources. The outcome is a selection of elegant household pieces; their design evokes the palettes of tortoiseshell and a grain resembling that of polished horn or exotic hardwoods that are inspired by the 1930’s Shanghai-deco style.

通过结合那些看上去风马牛不相及的元素,Studio SWINE创造出一种复合材料,为地球日益减少的资源带来可持续的替代品,并用此材料设计出一系列雅致的家居用品系列。其设计在色彩上,让人联想到玳瑁壳;在纹理上,则似受20世纪30年代上海装饰风格影响的抛光牛角,或者异域硬木。

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