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November 2, 2015 2015年11月2日

VSCO® announced today the launch of DSCO, a free GIF­making app exclusively for iOS which uses VSCO’s superior imaging technology in the creation of short, looping GIFs. The introduction of GIFs to VSCO’s global platform adds a layer of fun, creative expression alongside photos, journals, and curation.

VSCO® 于今日发布了基于iOS平台的DSCO。这款免费APP用于制作循环播放的短GIF动画,并承袭了VSCO出众的图像处理技术。在图片、日记和选编之外,GIF在VSCO全球平台上的引入,带来了一丝新趣味。

“DSCO broadens how our community can express themselves,” said VSCO co­founder and CEO Joel Flory. “We saw VSCO being used in unprecedented ways, and we wanted to ignite that playfulness and originality.” DSCO’s easy-­to­-use interface encourages simple shooting, editing, and sharing. People are able to choose from among a selection of VSCO’s most popular presets, or from exclusive DSCO presets developed in partnership with such cultural innovators as MTV, Opening Ceremony and others.

“DSCO扩展了我们社区的表达方式选择,”VSCO创始人兼CEO Joel Flory说: “目睹了VSCO以史无前例的方式被广泛使用之后,我们想点燃那种趣味性和原创性。”DSCO操作便捷的用户界面,使拍摄、编辑和分享得以简单实现。用户可以使用VSCO最受欢迎的一系列预设编辑;或者选择DSCO上,MTV、Opening Ceremony等文化革新者们参与合作开发的独家预设。

DSCOs integrate seamlessly into the VSCO platform with easy upload to the person’s profile, where they are visible and collectible directly through the VSCO mobile app and on web. Once uploaded, GIFs can be shared to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

DSCO无缝接入VSCO平台:用户可以在DSCO上轻而易举上传图片至个人账号主页,随后在VSCO的手机端和电脑端均可查看、收藏所发布内容。已发布内容可被分享至Facebook, Instagram, Twitter和Tumblr。

“GIFs are an incredible form of creativity,” said Greg Lutze, VSCO co-­founder. “They can display a wide range of human emotion and perspectives. They are less about being cool, and more about being interesting, real and fun, which aligns with our vision for VSCO.”

“GIF动画是一种不可思议的创意表达形式,” VSCO联合创始人Greg Lutze说: “它可以广泛表现人类情感和观点。相比酷不酷的问题,它更多的是关乎有趣、真实和玩乐,这点正和我们对VSCO的憧憬是一致的。”

To celebrate the launch of the DSCO app, Neocha and VSCO have teamed up with some artists in Asia to create GIFs that were all shot with DSCO. Here is some of the work produced from those collaborations.


+ Fig + Viper (Japan)
Axel Oswith (Indonesia)
+ Mathieu Tan (Singapore)
+ Nana V (Japan)
+ Leon Yan (China)


DSCO is available now for free in the iOS App Store.
Use the hashtag: #JoinTheDSCO

+ Fig + Viper(日本)
Axel Oswith(印度尼西亚)
+ Mathieu Tan(新加坡)
+ Nana V(日本)
+ Leon Yan(中国)


DSCO现在可供免费获取,下载请前往App Store。
建议使用标签: #JoinTheDSCO


This story is part of a content partnership and media exchange between Neocha and VSCO®. To see more of VSCO’s Asia content on Neocha, click here.




Media Partner: VSCO®
Contributor: Leon Yan

Fig + Viper
Axel Oswith
Mathieu Tan
Nana V
Leon Yan

GIF Images Courtesy of VSCO®





媒体合作伙伴: VSCO®
供稿人: Leon Yan

Fig + Viper
Axel Oswith
Mathieu Tan
Nana V
Leon Yan


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