Long Time, No See

November 7, 2017 2017年11月7日

Long time, no see is a series from Zack Vitiello, a Toronto-based photographer who travels to China frequently for his job as creative director of the lifestyle fashion brand Vitaly. Shot entirely on 35mm film, the series highlights the sense of otherworldliness that Vitiello experiences when he travels to China. The graininess of the analog film helps convey a sense of distance and alienation, feelings that the photographer often experiences in these places that he so often visits.

《Long time, no see》是多伦多摄影师Zack Vitiello的一个摄影系列作品,作为生活时尚品牌Vitaly的创意总监,他经常要去中国出差。这一系列完全采用35mm胶片相机拍摄,突显出了Vitiello在中国旅行时所体验到的陌生感,胶片的颗粒感有助于传达摄影师在他经常到访的地方所感受到的那种距离感和疏离感。

Describing the series, Vitiello says, “Long time, no see attempts to capture the feeling that I experience every time I visit Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and the surrounding area for biannual manufacturing trips. Images of empty restaurants with stacks of unused chairs, stark buildings with dark windows, and deserted street scenes give off a feeling of denseness and loneliness simultaneously. By not including any people in the photos, I hope that the viewer will feel a similar sense of alienation to that experienced when visiting a country as vast, unknowable, and remarkably interesting as China.”

跟我们介绍这一系列时,Vitiello说:“《Long time, no see》试图捕捉住我每两年去深圳、广州和周边地区的生产商出差时所体验到的感觉。照片上,空荡荡的餐厅里堆满闲置的椅子,荒置的大楼里窗户黑漆一片,还有冷冷清清的街道,这些场景同时给人一种密集和孤独的感觉。通过拍摄没有任何人物的照片,我希望观众能从照片上感受到,那种去到像中国这样广阔、充满未知和有趣的国家时,所体验到的疏离感。”

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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao

Instagram: @latelight


供稿人: George Zhi Zhao

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