Made by Phantasma

June 20, 2017 2017年6月20日

Made by Phantasma is a subsidiary brand of Phantasma*Studio, a Jakarta-based label that catapulted into the fashion industry by releasing their inaugural collection in a single shade of cobalt blue. Founder Eric Liem shares that the sub-label was an experiment in creating fashion that would clothe the “unconventional teenager” and minimize on wastage. The somewhat unorthodox designs are based upon their love for “streetwear, anti-fashion youth movements, and trash culture.”

Made by Phantasma 是 Phantasma*Studio旗下的一个副线品牌。这个来自雅加达的时装品牌以单一的钴蓝色打造了首个时装系列,并由此在时尚界打响名头。品牌创始人Eric Liem表示,这个副线品牌是一次为非主流青少年设计时装的尝试,并以尽量减少浪费为理念。通过一系列颠覆式时装作品,诠释品牌“对街头文化、反时尚的青年浪潮和trash 文化的热爱”。

“Coming from a third-world country where wastage is the biggest environmental problem, we wanted to waste less by using leftover fabric and dead stock clothes,” says Liem. In addition to being environmentally savvy, he says that Made by Phantasma is also open to interpretation. “We hope to find a new perspective of style that hopefully our audience will help us to define”. Check out some of the apparel from Made by Phantasma below.

Liem说:“在第三世界国家,浪费是最突出的环境问题。我们希望通利用边角面料和滞销布料,减少浪费。”除了具有环保意识外,Made by Phantasma的作品意义也是开放式的, “我们想从新的视角来设计时装,让观众来决定每件作品的定义。“ 下面一起来欣赏一下Made by Phantasma风格独特的时装作品吧。


Contributor: Whitney Ng



供稿人: Whitney Ng