Mono no Aware

May 11, 2017 2017年5月11日

In Japanese, the term mono no aware describes an empathy towards the impermanence of things, a sadness that comes from the awareness and acceptance of the inevitability of change. Inspired by this term, photographer Gabriella Achadinha and illustrator Marlize Eckard joined forces, collaborating on a mixed media project that intends to encapsulate this feeling. “The phrase has become an aesthetic sensibility in Japan, an understanding that this beauty can only be ephemeral,” explains Achadinha. “Traveling personifies this, no matter how many photographs one takes, the more time slips the less of that experience can be recalled.” By applying acrylic paint onto Achadinha’s photos of Seoul and Tokyo, Eckard sought to visualize the fleeting nature of existence, turning each snapshot into vivid, dream-like scenes.

在日本,”mono no aware” – 物哀一词描述的是一种对世事无常的认知并了解到改变的必然性而产生的悲伤。正是受到这个词的影响,影师 Gabriella Achadinha和插图画家Marlize Eckard两人一拍即合,联手结合媒体项目打算封存这种短暂存在的本质。“这个词在日本已经成为一种美感,这种理解美丽是短暂的美感” Achadinha解释到:“旅行充分体现这一本质:不论你拍了多少张照片,当照片拍的越多,你能回忆的体验越少。Eckard运用丙烯酸涂料,改变Achadinha去东京和首尔旅行的照片,做出失真的效果,从而产生了鲜艳、朦胧的景象。

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