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Moss is a collaboration between filmmaker and photographer Ryan Harding and visual effects artist Winston Duke. The short film shows the journey of the transmigration of living matter through the realms of birth and death. Shot in Guilin, China, the film takes us through the diverse and beautiful natural landscapes of the region, revealing them in a way that suspends the audience somewhere between fantasy and reality.

短片《Moss》是由电影制作人、摄影师Ryan Harding和视觉效果艺术家Winston Duke合力打造的作品。向观众展示了生命在出生和死亡间迁移的旅程。该短片拍摄于中国桂林,观众随镜头领略着这一地区美丽且多样的自然景观,画面也仿佛带给观众一种置身于幻想和现实之间的感觉。

Conceptual preparations for the film began in 2014, and they drew initial inspiration from the natural patterns of existence. As Ryan Harding explains, “From the very beginning, the themes of Moss were of life, death and rebirth. We drew inspiration from graphical patterns found in natural textured surfaces, such as rock formations, leaves and plants, animal habitats, sand dunes, and soil, all of which possess logical, symmetrical patterns. We felt these patterns were evocative of the cyclical nature of life, and we were curious about having this logical order of nature disrupted by chaos.” Check out the video in full above.

这部短片的概念创作从2014年开始,灵感来自于万物生存的自然规律。Ryan Harding在介绍短片时说:“从一开始,《Moss》的主题就是生命、死亡和重生。我们去观察岩层、植物和它的叶子、动物栖息地、沙丘和土壤等等自然物体,从它们表面的纹理图案中找寻灵感。这些物体的表面都呈现出有规律或对称的图案。在我们看来,这些图案反映了生命的周期性,我们很好奇如果这种规律被随意打断会是怎样的。”点击上面的视频欣赏一下这部短片吧。



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供稿人: George Zhi Zhao

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