On Girls and Beauty

November 24, 2015 2015年11月24日

Luo Yang is a photographer from Liaoning, China whose beautiful, disarming portraits of Chinese youth and femininity are all shot on film. In 2007, she picked up a camera and started photographing girls around her. Eventually that led to her ongoing series Girls, which focused on a subject which resonated especially with her as a female photographer.


“Film is more expensive and precious, the texture is more realistic, and film is something you can keep,” says Luo Yang, “I started photographing as a way to express my emotions. Shooting in film is a way for me to slow down time and think more.”

“胶片更昂贵也更珍贵,质感也更为真实,它是你可以实实在在保存的东西。” 罗洋说,“我开始摄影是将其作为一种情感表达方式。用胶片拍摄能让我慢下来,让我思考更多。”

The girls that Luo Yang photographs are natural, youthful, edgy and at times awkward. There’s a certain serenity throughout her work, and it’s obvious the subjects are at peace with the person behind the camera, often staring directly into the lens, carrying on in the nude, caught in staged and unstaged shots.


She tells us, “The girls I’ve photographed help me express my own feelings and problems. Some of them are my friends, some of them are strangers, and some are just contacts from the internet. The way that they live and their lifestyles are what attracted me to them.”

罗洋告诉我们: “我拍摄的那些女孩们帮我表达了自己的情绪和问题。她们有些是我的朋友,有些是陌生人,还有一些是网络上的人。她们的生活是吸引我的地方。”

Being obsessed with girls and the fairer sex is an ongoing preoccupation for Luo Yang. “Most of my photo shoots are very natural, and set in shooting locations that I chose without too much preparation or orchestration. I want to be able to express my subject’s unique characteristics and let that show through,” she says.


“It’s hard to say what kind of influence growing up in Northern China has had on me. It’s something that is definitely a part of my personality and my DNA now. I am quite straightforward and direct, which might be related to being from the North.” Based in Beijing now, Luo Yang says, “Besides the awful transportation and environment, Beijing is really great for photography. Northern girls are more open and carefree.”


In the future, Luo Yang says she will continue to work on her Girls series adding new ideas and trying different directions. She is looking forward to collaborating with other artists that could lead to interesting results.




Contributor: Jia Li



供稿人: Jia Li