Painting the Town Red 剥去都市的浮华外壳

September 11, 2018 2018年9月11日

Cody Ellingham, the photographer behind DERIVE and Danchi Dreams, is back with a photo series that casts Shanghai in a dramatic new light. From gloomy alleyways to rundown apartment buildings, the desolate scenes seem to question how accurately romanticized photos of Shanghai reflect its reality.  The series—devoid of humans and awash in deep shades of red—strips back the shiny veneer of the Chinese megalopolis, replacing it with a foreboding sense of unease and mystery. “At night, you can explore the true essence and form of a city,” Ellingham says. “And for me, it feels more effective to show the relationship between humans and places by not showing people directly. This is best achieved after dark.”

曾创作了《DERIVE》和《Danchi Dreams》(团地:现代化的梦想)的摄影师 Cody Ellingham 携新作归来。从阴暗的小巷到破败的公寓楼,荒凉的场景似是在质疑:人们平时看到那些繁华的上海城市照片真的能准确反映这座城市的现实吗?通过这一系列没有人物、弥漫着深红色调的作品,Cody 剥去了这座中国大都市的浮华外壳,取而代之呈现出一种不安和神秘的预感。“在晚上,你才能看见一座城市的真正本质和面貌。”Cody 说,“而对我而言,略去人物来展示人与城市之间的关系会更有力量,所以天黑之后是最佳的拍摄时机。”

Instagram: @cbje_tokyo


Contributor: David Yen

Instagram: @cbje_tokyo


供稿人: David Yen

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