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September 26, 2017 2017年9月26日

Located in Bangkok, Papaya Studio is an antique collectible and vintage furniture studio, and the largest space of its kind in Asia. Having been in business for over 40 years, this multi-story, maze-like warehouse hosts a vast collection of over 100,000 items amassed from around the world. From Eastern European ceramics and vintage figurines to retro electronics and precious cutlery, Papaya Studio has any item that you could possibly imagine – along with much more.

Papaya Studio是曼谷一家著名古董收藏品和古董家具工作室,也是亚洲面积最大的古董工作室。这间工作室至今已有40多年,几层楼的仓库里,宛如一个巨大迷宫,有着种类浩繁的收藏品,这些收藏品来自世界各地,数量超过10万多件。从东欧陶瓷、古董雕像、复古电子产品到珍贵餐具,在Papaya Studio你可以找到任何你能想到或没想到的物品。

Mr. Tong, the founder of the studio, has been an antique collector since he was a little boy. At the age of 21, he opened his first antique store as a college student. Since then, his lifelong affair with antiques has motivated him to travel to Europe every three months to search for more items to add to his collection. According to Mr. Tong, each antique is a teacher and a mentor, and like a fine wine, they only get better with age.


Boasting such an impressive array of items, Papaya Studio also serves as a resource for movie and photography shoots. Their services include prop and furniture rental, and they also rent studio space for wedding photos, fashion shoots, music videos, and movie shoots.

Papaya Studio既然拥有如此众多的古董收藏品,自然也成为了电影和摄影的拍摄资源。他们提供的服务包括道具和家具租赁,也会出租工作室空间拍摄婚礼照片、时尚大片、MV和电影。

Prices are not listed on any of the items in Papaya Studio, so customers will need to consult with management to negotiate a price for items they wish to purchase. Certain items, no matter how high the buying offer, are not for sale, as they hold a special place in Mr. Tong’s collection. For Mr. Tong, money is not the final objective – he is primarily motivated by his emotional connection to these items and a burning desire to share his passion for antiques with others.

Papaya Studio工作室内的所有古董收藏品都没有明码标价,顾客如果想要购买某一件古董,需要和店内的经理咨询价格。其中的一些收藏品,无论买家出价多高,都是非卖品,因为它们对Tong先生有着特别的意义。对Tong先生来说,钱不是最终的目标,他对这些古董收藏品的情感,以及他想要与他人分享对古董的热爱之情才是他经营工作室的初衷。

Soi Lat Phrao 55/2
Lat Phrao Rd., Wang Thonglang
Bangkok, Thailand

+02 5398220


Facebook: ~/papayabkk


Contributor & Photographer: George Zhi Zhao

Soi Lat Phrao 55/2
Lat Phrao Rd., Wang Thonglang

+02 5398220




供稿人及摄影师: George Zhi Zhao

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