Phallic Thoughts

August 9, 2017 2017年8月9日

Multimedia artist Chronos Huang is a Hangzhou-based illustrator, poet, and the co-founder of Sensecue, a brand that’s known for their quirky pin designs. His work has been featured in Apportfolio Vol. 3, a publication that’s dedicated to promoting emerging young artists of Asia. As a poet, Huang often explores themes of intergalactic travel, animal life, and masculinity. In his standalone illustrative works, it’s a deep dive into his fantasies, often strange, erotic, and populated with phalluses. See more of his work below.

居住于杭州的跨界艺术家Chronos Huang是一位插画师和诗人,不僅如此他同时也是三时七有工作室的联合创始人。三时七有是一个以各种古怪胸针而闻名的品牌。作為三時七有的創始人,Chronos的作品曾入选《亚洲青年创作集录Vol.3》(一个致力于促进亚洲新兴青年艺术的出版物)。在他的诗里有宇宙、动物与男孩儿们的样子,而他的画里也常常伴随着那些奇幻、色情与性器官组成的幻想。

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Contributor: Shou Xing

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